Wednesday, July 13, 2011

7/14/11—Starting Over Fresh

Today's Draw: Judgment from the Tarot of the Silicon Dawn. What deserves a jazzy sendoff in your life? How are you being reborn? And are you giving yourself credit for how far you've come?

The Judgment cards signals a time of summing up...adding up the efforts of our life and seeing where we stand. It's also about transformation, following a call and, ultimately, rebirth. Nothing heavy. ;) 

The book for this deck has some interesting things to say about this card. That it's a sendoff for the "you" you used to be. That the spirits are "falling" upwards, to the next great thing. And that we're all in continual cycles of creation and destruction. What may be hard to see is the varnish on this card. It's a spiral that emanates from the saxophone, reaching ever outward.

A friend recently asked me about spiral symbolism. And the way I see a spiral is as a metaphor for life. As we learn and grow, the same lessons may circle around to us time and again, but each time they circle around, we're more expanded or at a higher level, depending on how the spiral is drawn. Sooner or later, the lesson circles back around and is so far from our radar that it doesn't even register. And we're healed. 

The past couple of weeks have presented a number of spiral moments and opportunities for summing up. I have to say, when these things happen, my first response is always "I thought I had moved past this! Why is this coming around again?" It causes me consternation. But this card takes a very Big Easy approach to these give them a big, raucous jazz sendoff. 

I've had some buttons pushed, but the thing is, I'M the one who decides if the button gets pushed or not. I know enough by now to know that the things other people do and say reflect more on them than me. I don't have to worry that old outcomes will come around again because, hey, I'm no longer the person I was any of the times this same lesson came around in the past. So it's time to give that more vulnerable, impressionable and gullible me a sendoff. 

This has a lot of application to yesterday's card. So if you didn't read that, you might want to. But there's also an interesting side note to the card that also applies to yesterday's card. The book says to dance and jam while you can, because it's over before you know it. But the music plays on. And if you've played the music well enough, there will be someone there to pick up where you left off. So if you have a life's work and are worried about having enough time...or if there's something you want to start, but feel it's too late...consider that. There's someone to pick it up where you leave off. Anything you begin has value, because the spiral keeps spinning whether we're here or not.

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