Monday, October 17, 2011

10/17/11—Changing Your Mind

Today's Draw: Seven of Pentacles from the Prairie Tarot. Have you reviewed and reevaluated lately? What areas of your life are working and what areas aren't? What would you change?

The Seven of Pentacles represents that moment when your work is done. You've planted, hoed, weeded, watered and now there's nothing left to do but just wait for harvest time. It's a time of reward, focus and of nurturing your dream. This is a good time. The hard work is over. You can think back on everything with pride.

The Seven of Pentacles can also represent a time of reflection, where you survey what you've done and evaluate and/or reevaluate. What have you done right? What could you do differently next time? Maybe we've done everything right and don't need to change a thing. But we can check in and see. This isn't a time to be critical. You should recognize and enjoy the rewards of what you've accomplished. But if you see room for improvement or see something you could have done differently, note it.

I recently looked over the past year of my life. I wrote my first book proposal and got a publisher. Then I wrote a book. I continue to do this blog (which started on Facebook more than a year ago) and added pictures to the entries and consolidated everything on a blogspot site. I became a professional tarot reader and started reading at a local metaphysical store. And I also had a pretty solid year in my REAL job as an advertising copywriter.

Looking over all of this, I was pretty satisfied with my year, seeing as how if you looked at any previous year of my life, I would have spent most of my time sitting on my butt doing nothing. So I've been pretty productive.

Maybe a little too productive. I miss weekends. So in my reevaluation I decided to give up reading at the metaphysical/witchy store. I need my Sundays back. I'll still read professionally when people email me and ask for readings and I intend to pursue a new direction with that soon anyway. But I'll be spending my Sundays at home. Moving forward, I'll continue on at the shop once a month by leading their tarot meetups and teaching classes. 

In the more personal areas of my life, I like the way my friends and doggie family situation is going, so no changes there. But I could use some changes in my love life. I was recently shown how some of my thoughts about romance have blocked me from receiving it. So I'll make some changes there, too. 

I guess what it all comes down to is that, even if you're doing fine, you might find some things to change. Conversely, even if you could use some changes, you may choose to stay the same. Just take the time to review now and again, because when you pull back to see the big picture, you might see some opportunities for more happiness and joy. And that can't be so bad.

(Sorry for this one being so much later than usual. I went to bed early last night and slept like a rock. Sleep is good!)

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