Friday, October 14, 2011

10/15/11—10/16/11—Seeing the Journey

Weekend Reading: The Six of Swords from the Fire Tarot. This weekend consider looking at life a little differently than usual. Consider that there are no endings and no beginnings. That everything is a journey and that we're all somewhere in the midst of that journey. Whether we're excited or anxious over a new "beginning" or happy or sad over an "ending", knowing its all part of a larger journey can give us a more powerful and balanced perspective. In a way, what I'm saying is, good or bad, "this, too, shall pass." Just as we cannot hold on to victory forever, nor can we hold on to defeat. Happy times are happy and sad times are sad, but none of these things is the end. In fact all of these things can be a catalyst to keep us reaching higher. One day all these episodes will string together and make a really good story. And this moment will be just that—a moment.

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