Tuesday, November 1, 2011

11/2/11—Leaving an Offering for Pele

Today's Draw: Six of Lava Stones (Pentacles) from HazelMoon's Hawaiian Tarot. Still worried about money despite my excellent post on manifestation two days ago? Having a hard time releasing your money fears? Or is time the thing of most value in your life these days? Ever considered making an offering to "The Gods"?

Today we get another card that has to do with our relationship to money. The Six of Pentacles is about the cycle of giving and receiving. A couple of days ago we talked about how the simple act of feeling flush can attract more prosperity into our lives and how the fear you won't have enough will just breed more fear and more "not having enough". 

This card is about the same thing, but from a different angle. This card is about keeping money in circulation...the giving and receiving of both time and money. So for those of you who feel you don't have enough time, the same principles apply. If you don't think you have enough, you won't. If you resent what you give, it supports a belief of not having enough. But if your belief is that you have enough and some to spare—and act that way—then you'll have enough some to spare. Simply put, as Mike Dooley puts it (google him), thoughts become things.

The book for this deck explains the picture is of the Hale Ma'u Ma'u crater on Mount Kilauea on the Big Island. Hawaiian legend says the Goddess Pele lives in this crater, so it's a sacred place. You can visit there, be cleansed in the steam vents and leave an offering for Pele.  

The other day I mentioned that, when I feel fear about money, I'll do certain things. I'll take myself out for dinner and leave a large tip. One time I picked up the tab at a nearby table, completely anonymously. I didn't even hang out to see their reaction. Not that long ago, I gave $10 to a woman who was begging on the street because it was the smallest bill I had. She was very grateful. It was probably the biggest contribution she'd gotten that day. And I cried all the way home because there I was, worried about money, when the smallest bill I had was $10 and she was begging on the street. 

I call it tithing to the universe. You can call it leaving an offering for Pele. I make a practice of it, doing it even when I'm feeling flush. One of my favorite things is to pay for one or two of the cars behind me when I visit Skyline Drive, which is a scenic roadway through Shenandoah National Park. Breathtaking views. Personally, I like to be anonymous and not receive anything in return except the enjoyment I get from doing it. The act is not just a message to the universe that I have more than enough, but, like the steam from Pele's vents, can be very cleansing, washing the fear away and replacing it with more productive thoughts.

Although I've placed a lot of attention on ridding money fears, this is a good practice to consider if you're feeling pretty stable and happy with your money situation, too. And what I'm talking about is beyond the automatic checks you write each year to charities. All that's good, don't get me wrong. But spontaneous acts increase the emotion and energy, giving your offering an extra punch, imo. Besides, they're fun and really good for knocking out sudden incidents of fear. 

Of course you should never give away money you can't feel comfortable giving and if you can't pay your bills this month, maybe save your offering for another time...or give some clothes to charity. But many of us who are worried about money can manage to part with $5 or $10 or $20 without feeling it. And when you share it with someone less fortunate than you, both of you feel more flush. Which is like getting a bonus Pele steam-vent spa cleansing for free. So, what can you do to make someone else smile today?


  1. The joyful island tarot

    Wow, I am impressed with a little known deck that just popped up in my life. Hazelmoon's Hawaiian Tarot.
    I was told a few years ago about a deck that was a one of a kind and real cool since it was all about Hawai'i. I have been there and it sounded like a great idea.
    So I got one and was happy right away since it had a book too. It is always nice to get the artists who bought a on card interpretations since it connects the traditional meanings with the new images.
    In this set Hazelmoon uses her artistry and personal joy of Hawai'i to create images that are both known landmarks and other suggestive locations or events. I was told that many people who live in the islands have nature spots that when they are feeling stressed or emotional they go to. That might be some o the paintings on the cards. I hope so. To give us a peek at a personal space like that would just charge up a card more.
    Artists tend to be sensitive people and a good artist usually puts themselves into their work so I felt closer to her for the non-specific images than the tourists stops like the blue church in Kona. Which wasn't blue anymore when I saw it. So I guess her card is more an artifact now and a memory of the older hawaii past. Cool!
    Give colors with bold brush strokes and a feeling she painted with passion makes them alive. I want to go back and find each card in the life of the islands.
    But I should say more about the cards and not my vacation wishes huh. Professional work from the printers in both card stock and finish. The gloss helps to bring pubs colors and depth and after a few shuffles, made them glide easy for me. I liked the size too. I have held many cards even the round ones and these kept me from getting Vegas fancy with them. I find small cards make me go fast and forget to put my energy into them. Like I am doing a card trick and wowing the person I am reading for. I take my time and keep a rhythm going while I have the person flood their thoughts and feelings into the deck. It is so exciting for me that I almost like the shuffle and layout part more than the read.
    I was told by Hazelmoon that this is the only print run she will do and that was why she had the printer run off several thousand so once this batch has homes that is it. I got another one for keeping. I know that as time goes by some decks will be lost or worn it so little by little these will become more valued and collectable. I fantasize that one day when I am old and grey I will have the last set and thy will almost vibrate with energy. Maybe I will hear the conk she'll blow and will then know it has become so.
    I would say more but this is making me excited so I am off to do a reading and then dream of the islands as winter here closes in. I think of snow as white sand only colder and less crunchy in my lunch plate. Aloha everyone and go check out her tarot.

  2. Thanks for you comment, James. I hope you let Hazelmoon know it's here. I'm sure she'd be tickled.