Thursday, November 3, 2011

11/4/11—Laying Down Your Swords

Today's Draw: The Six of Swords from the Crystal Visions Tarot. Have you been struggling with something or someone for a long time now? Are you ready to just give up the fight? How can you approach the challenge differently?

The Six of Swords is about transition and moving on. It usually shows a man and woman in a boat with six swords stuck in the bottom, plugging up holes. Their backs are to us and they're on their way to a destination we see in the distance, presumably a better place. 

While this particular card communicates that as well, it also communicates something else to me. It says that it's time to lay down your swords and walk away. I love how she's walking toward that break in the clouds and following the course of the birds/nature.

Many times we push up against situations in our lives without realizing it. We fight and fight and get nowhere. We try and try and make little progress. We ask and ask and never receive. And we don't realize how tensed up around the situation we've become. 

Ironically, in the process, we often forget what we're fighting for. More ironically, we lose our taste for what we're fighting for and continue to fight anyway, hoping for something/anything/a response. The fight stops being about whatever we wanted in the first place and becomes about fighting for a point or a principle. Or some kind of ego issue. Sometimes we just keep on fighting or pushing or forcing because we've already invested so much into the initiative. And sometimes we're just going on automatic. 

Whether we're talking about a relationship or a goal or a dream or a lifelong struggle, when you're fighting against the current, it's because you're not going with the flow. So simple and yet something we forget time and again: when you're fighting against the current, you're not going with the flow. 

That doesn't mean that what you want to happen will never happen. And it also doesn't mean that your goals *should* be effortless to achieve. It just means it's Time. To. Stop. Stop and take a breather. Think of other options. Because this tack ain't working. 

Like I said before, we often find ourselves doing this after we've been doing it for weeks/months/years unconsciously. So actually ask yourself if you feel yourself doing this in your life. And if you quickly decide "no", then you may not be looking deeply enough. Sometimes it's hard to spot. Of course, sometimes you're totally in the flow in your life so maybe there's nothing there. I know I've got a lot of things flowing perfectly right now, but there are a couple of things that I've been struggling against within myself for eons and I hadn't thought about those things in these terms until just now. It's time to take a new tack. Or just let go.

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