Wednesday, January 11, 2012

1/12/12—Believing In Fate

Today's Draw: The Wheel from the Blue Dog Rose Tarot by Nakisha. Do you believe in fate? Free will? Meaningless coincidence? Are there any aspects of your life you think you've been on a collision course with since you were born?

What is called "The Wheel" in this deck is usually known as The Wheel of Fortune. And it traditionally speaks to how a person's "luck" is a constantly revolving thing...always on the upswing or downswing. Most readers I know read the card as a change for the better. 

But The Wheel is also about destiny and Nakisha uses that as her meaning...a turning point with larger forces at work.

Destiny, fate, kismet—whatever you choose to call it—is one of those spiritual principles that many people believe in "to a degree". Certainly there are people who think everything is fated, and people who think nothing is fated. But many people reserve the right to land somewhere in between the two extremes.

Animal-themed suits include birds, dogs, cats and rodents.
Whether guided by the hand of God or the yearnings of the soul, I believe we all come here for a reason and that reason includes learning certain lessons. In a way, I think we make an agreement of sorts, such as "I will live X, Y and Z experience in order to learn A, B and C." Whatever our soul's lesson is, is predetermined—predetermined before we're even conceived. But the details of how we get to that lesson are not. 

I also think certain parts of our lives are fated. There was no way I wasn't going to be a writer in this lifetime. I knew before I could write or read that I was going to be a writer. Why or how a four-year-old child would not only think they'd be a writer, but be kind of resigned to it in a "oh well" kind of way is beyond me. But I knew. However, I assumed I'd be a novelist and, never say never, but I don't think that's going to happen. 

So I feel I was destined to somehow make an impression with my words, but it was my choice as to how that would come about. I also think we have soul mates that we're destined to meet...members of a soul group that travel through many lifetimes together. Beyond that, I believe other things are destined, but I don't know what or how. I think a decision I make today that seems fairly mundane could turn out to be something that was destined to change my life. I don't think we always know when we're playing into fortune's hand.

My sweet boy, Kizzie, came to me in an act of kismet.
I'm also someone who does not believe in coincidence. I believe the things that occur in our lives happen for a reason and there's some message or guidance in it for us. In short, I think our lives are far more magical than we ever give credit for. And while I believe we have a great deal of free will, I also believe the personality/spirit our soul inhabits is sort of ready-made to make the kinds of decisions that will lead to our fated conclusions. 

So where do you stand on all of this? Is there something you feel has been completely unavoidable in your life? Can you think of a situation where you've chosen repeatedly to avoid something, only to have it pop back up time and time again? What message do you think is in that for you?

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