Thursday, January 12, 2012

1/13/12—Syncing Up With Synchronicity

Today's Draw: Page of Wands from the Spiral Spirit Tarot. Do you believe everything in life happens for a reason? Do you see messages in the random weirdnesses of everyday life? And if the "coincidences" in your life were telling you something, what would it be?

Because many of you will not recognize this deck, I thought I'd give a little information and maybe enable a few of you to buy it. The Spiral Spirit was created by Khara Scott-Bey as part of her path of evolving consciousness. The images appear to be printed on a color copier and affixed to black board. So they are plain black on the back. The stock is sturdy. Because of the thickness of the stock, the deck is a big handful.

Whatever the deck lacks in production values, though, it makes up for in imagery and originality. I'm a fan of non-traditional decks and I'm also a fan of decks with words on them. While this deck borrows a small bit from traditional imagery, I think it can be considered a totally original, non-traditional deck. There is no lwb, but none is needed because keyword appear on every card. The deck's contemporary, multicultural images result in a number of interesting and original choices that will make you glad to add it to your collection. If you are viewing this on Facebook, go to for a link and an additional image.

OK. Now that's said, this Page of Wands is a nice follow-on to yesterday's post about fate. In that post I said I thought the things that happen in our lives happen for a reason and there's a message in there, if we know where to look. Well, that's what we're talking about today. 

Spiral Spirit has fully illustrated pips.
A couple of months ago I took a job with a new client. I could feel in my gut it was going to be a problem, but I took it anyway. Then a couple of weeks later, before work ever started, I got another chance to say no. This time the message was (figuratively) accompanied by starbursts and glitter and big red arrows. But I kept going. The work was only going to last a month or so, so I figured I'd be in, then out. Bada bing, bada boom.

Anyway, long story short, one month has turned to two. And during that time I've had a number of anxiety issues (which I NEVER have), worry, heartburn, irritable bowels (no kidding) and a number of other symptoms, all perfectly timed to milestones with this job. While I know it never pays to ignore signs and intuitions, I did it anyway. And now I'm all tied up in knots trying to finish up this work in a way that makes everyone happy.

The Universe/God uses its hand to guide us in many ways, through feelings, situations, memories and other clues—even direct messages. A person may warn us against something and we do it anyway. We may be discussing an investment opportunity and the image of a stop sign comes up in our mind's eye. Or, conversely, we might see Lotto signs everywhere we go that day, buy a scratch-off and win $100. Much of what we call coincidence is not coincidence at all. It's there for a reason. I'll bet you can't even count the times when you've said to yourself "I should have trusted my gut!"

While I had clues before I accepted this job—and even an outright warning—I took it anyway. But, even though I defied all the clues, it still wasn't a mistake. Because the entirety of the situation has come together in another message for me. It has made me realize that I just really can't work with people who aren't my peers anymore. I usually only work directly with people who work in my business—either marketing directors, artists or agency people—rather than, say, an HR expert who is having their first experience managing a marketing project because they were the one who volunteered to do it.

Is it a coincidence this experience is happening now as I'm transitioning into another career area? Is it just happenstance that, as I question if I can ever leave behind a career that has been my passion for 25 years, I'm having a less than stellar experience that is taking a physical and emotional toll on me? Is it just circumstance that right now I'm getting a lot of good, energizing feedback in other revenue-generating areas of my life? And is there any way possible I could have made an actual mistake in all this? Of course not! 

My main client relationships are clipping along fine, as they always are. And they're the ones that earn me the bulk of my money on a yearly basis. So looking at the clues around me, I can't help but feel the universe guiding me to stick with what is working and stop messing with opportunities like this because they take energy away from focusing on what I want to be doing.

Many times we go through our days marveling at coincidences, grimacing at our mistakes and wondering "WTF" at the occasional monkey on a unicycle that crosses our path. But consider that these things are signs, messages and signals from above and the language they're speaking is one you know. It may be a little fuzzy or unusual in its delivery, but you know. And if you only think you might know, then you know.

Yes, we can drive ourselves INSANE thinking everything is an important message we must understand or there will be consequences to pay. That's not what I'm suggesting. What I'm saying is, first, just notice the coincidences. Become aware of them. Then once you start noticing them, consider what they might be telling you. The more we listen to the guidance we're given, the more guidance we're given. And the more guidance we're given, the more beautifully the universe's plan for us unfolds. 

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