Thursday, January 19, 2012

1/20/12-1/22/12—Integrating Opposites

Weekend Reading*: Integration from the Osho Zen. This is a weekend for honoring, accepting and integrating the opposites within you. Masculine/feminine, light/dark, intuitive/rational...we are all of these things to one degree or another. It's what makes us interesting. Denying any one part of ourselves puts us in a self-made prison and causes disruption within. Because that part of you is always there, trying to come out, whether you acknowledge it or not. So this weekend take an honest assessment of yourself—especially those parts of you that you tend to dislike or deny. See where you are that and where you are also its opposite. See where that part of yourself serves you. And let yourself be...yourself. Your people love you anyway. Isn't it time you started loving yourself the same way?

*As part of the change with my daily draws (see yesterday's post for details) I'm moving the "weekend reading" to Friday.

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