Thursday, February 2, 2012

1/3/12-1/5/12—Checking Your Attitude at the Door

Irreverent and Slightly Jaded
Weekend Reading: Irreverent and Slightly Jaded from Illuminate! Life Transformation Cards. Here is a woman, rushing in late to the party and wearing her emotions on her sleeve. She carries herself with self-importance of a guest of honor, but she is just another invited guest. This is the person who pushes past you in the grocery line, is never ready when she says she'll be, sucks energy like a vampire and throws a fit when something doesn't go her way. We all know ugly she can be. We have all been her at one time or another. And this card comes to us this weekend to remind us that other people are just as hurried, stressed and in need as you. So behave yourself. It's not all about you. And if going out in public means you'll be inflicting your bad vibes upon others, consider staying home and doing something nice for yourself instead. We all get pulled to the end of our ropes now and again. But that doesn't mean it's OK to be a diva, behave like a victim, take it out on others or otherwise act with disregard to others. So check your attitude at the door this weekend, missy.

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