Thursday, February 9, 2012

2/10/12-2/12/12—Getting Your Motor Running

Weekend Reading: Knight of Pentacles from the Darkana Tarot. The deck's creator, Daniel Donche, calls him stubborn and obsessive, but to me this Knight of Pentacles is a rebel—the kind that turns every man-lover's least the ones who want their hearts broken. And what that spells for our weekend is a little wildness, a little release from our normal repressive selves. I would never recommend anything unsafe or (significantly) illegal, but that still leaves a lot of room for spinning around recklessly, running around with your clothes off and sticking it to the man. If you've got a motorcycle, use it. If you don't, turn up your car's heat and ride around with the windows open. Yeah, you heard me, waste some gasoline. And laugh maniacally while you do it. This is the weekend to nurture your inner rebel. 

Love the grungy feel to this deck.

Coinkadinkally, today's card is part of a rebel trend. Instead of seeking a traditional publisher, tarot artists raise money to produce their own decks. It's kind of like a pre-order. But if they don't get the funding, you get your money back. The Darkana Tarot is by Dan Donche, aka Inappropriate Tarot Readings. And you can fund the deck (pre-order it) at

Uh oh.

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