Tuesday, March 13, 2012

3/14/12—Double-Helixing With The Guy Upstairs

Today's Draw: Balance from the Greenwood Tarot. What do you do to stay in balance? How connected do you feel to your higher source? What kind of a fingerprint do you think your relationship to God is leaving on the universe?

In the Greenwood, the Balance card equates to Temperance, but it's number 6 in the major arcana, instead of number 14. The Temperance card is all about balance, flow and even alchemy.

In the context of a week in which we've been talking about self discovery and personal responsibility, this card comes to tell us that balance is "absolutely necessary to free the inner self from the fears and self doubts that keep us spiritually deaf, dumb and blind. Once the natural state of balance is achieved, the plateau that will give you access to the higher self will be open before you." That was from the book.

So the fears we have and the things we deny and the stuff that keeps us from being real...these things not only block our power, potential and happiness, they also stand between us and our God. Makes sense. How can we connect to something greater than ourselves if we feel unworthy? If we approach that energy as a pauper or as any less than an integral part of the whole, we cheat ourselves of the connection we want and deserve. 

But that's not the best thing that caught my eye about this card. These two horses are entwined like DNA. And the magic of DNA is that every strand holds a complete volume of information on the whole. So while a particular strand might be working to color your eyes green, it still knows everything there is to know about about every cell in your body. It's got the chapter on how oily your skin will be and the chapter on your height and the chapter on whether or not your second toe will be longer than your big toe. 

Since the Greenwood tarot is a shamanic themed tarot, it's using that DNA as a euphemism for each living thing in the universe. Each of us, like strands of DNA, hold the entire book of knowledge about God and the universe within us. And I'd even go so far as to posit that our human strand is entwined with our God strand to form a complete molecule. At the very least in this scenario, it's entwined with our higher or soul self.

When we're in balance and genuinely connected to the higher source, we intrinsically know what's right. We know how to treat others...how to treat the earth. We can move with the natural rhythms of life. And the DNA molecule made by our strand and the higher source is a molecule that heals and creates balance and beauty. When the two strands are out of sync or are broken, the molecule becomes damaged and can create toxins and pain.

And by "connected to the higher source", I'm not talking about what you've learned from others/scripture and, therefore, believe about the higher power. There's value in that, but I'm talking about direct, soul-to-soul connection. Connection such that you can feel and understand the loving intent behind all of creation, even if only for fleeting moments....but enough that you know nobody's life is an abomination in the eyes of a loving and forgiving God. Fear, hate and judgment—regardless of what you fear, who you hate, what's being judged and what you've always been told to think about it—do not create healthy molecules in my personal opinion.

Anyway, that's the sense I got from this card today. I've always seen me and the universe as intermingling energies. But I kind of like the thought of the entwined DNA strand that creates a certain fingerprint in the universe, don't you? It feels like there's more of a connection, partnership or co-creatorship than what I had previously imagined. Even though ultimately it's just a different way of saying the same thing, it's kind of beautiful and makes me want to co-create something more like the twinkle in an eye than a festering canker on the ass of society. :) 

What kind of a molecule would you like to co-create with the universe?

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