Sunday, March 4, 2012

3/5/12—Making a Big Ball of Gratitude

Today's Draw: Seven of Cups from the Infinite Visions Tarot. Do you feel vaguely dissatisfied, even though there's nothing in particular going wrong? Do you find yourself looking outside yourself for things to make you happy? Are you happy with what you have?

This is always an interesting card to me. It's a card of being blessed with too many options and so, as a result, you're overwhelmed. Or you don't make a decision. Or maybe you're not jazzed by any of them. 

In a way, we're all always blessed with too many options. We tend to see things in black and white...this or that...but the truth is, there are almost always countless more options available to us. Maybe we can't see them. Maybe we're not thinking imaginatively enough. Maybe we don't want to see them. But they're there. 

When I see this particular Seven of Cups, however, it always conjures certain images in my head. To me, this woman's got everything she could ever want. She's got this amazing river vista. The sun is preparing a beautiful sunset for her. She's in a great dress, curled in a comfy chair. There are plenty of liquids to keep her hydrated. There's a footstool to help ensure her comfort. And about three nostrils away from her nose, there's a beautiful, fragrant lily in bloom. Yet she has her back turned to the beautiful view and looks bored, if not completely disenchanted. 

There are two things in particular I could talk about with the mood of this card. One is gratitude. She doesn't seem to be grateful for what she has. She's surrounded by riches but she's almost disdainful of it. The second thing it makes me think of is when you buy stuff and there's that rush from buying, but then when you get everything home, you realize it doesn't make you happy. Sure, there's that thrill from buying, but you're looking for happiness outside of yourself...where happiness can't be found. 

What it all really comes down to is the first point, however—a need for gratitude. I can't say enough about maintaining a regular practice of gratitude. Not only does gratitude gift you with total abundance from the universe (because the universe gives you more of what you focus on and if you focus on gratitude, you get more to be grateful for), but gratitude also helps you see really how much you have to be grateful for. 

It's like the snowball effect in that the more you're grateful, the more fulfilled you feel and more new gratitude rolls in. This one practice alone can entirely change your life. The idea is to find five things to be grateful for each day. So what are your five things today?

Mine are: 
  1. I taught a tarot class today and it went really well. 
  2. On the way home, I got a great idea for another class to teach. 
  3. I enjoyed nature and my back deck this morning over a wonderful cup of coffee. 
  4. My little girl, Magick Moonbeam, counts one thing more important than food, treats and walkies in her life—me. And she has no problem making that clear. 
  5. I have a sister visiting town next weekend and she wanted to swing by and see my brother, who is ill. Well they decided to theme the evening around my birthday. So I'll be spending my birthday with my family. And cake. :)

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