Tuesday, March 6, 2012

3/7/12—Seeing the Signs

Today's Draw: Signs from the Rock and Roll Oracle. Are you waiting for a sign? Have you bothered to look around you? What are signs pointing to in your life?

Are you waiting for a sign to point you in the right direction? Maybe just a little nudge to tell you you're on the right path? Or that now is the time to make your move? That you're on the wrong track? Or that you're doing everything right?

This card suggests that the sign has already been given to you, but you just haven't noticed it yet. In fact, there is no shortage of signs us around us on a daily basis, pointing us toward everything from the lessons we need to learn to the experiences of our dreams. But we don't see them because we're too busy milling about with our heads in the sand. 

This has been a recurring theme over the past week. If it keeps showing up, that means somebody out there isn't listening. And I'm laying odds it's YOU! Yes, YOU! You heard me....

The only other option is that it's me. 

So what does a sign look like? Well, most of the time it looks like a well-timed coincidence. Rarely does it ever look like Jesus floating down from the heavens, surrounded in white light, speaking clearly in your ear with a choir of angels in the background. That part trips a lot of people up. The last thing most people are looking for is something common and everyday. But it's true. God usually tries subtlety first. 

I remember 15 years ago I was looking for a job and I just kept hitting up against walls. Some might interpret that as a sign of being forever stuck in the old job. But for me, it was a sign to look for another solution. I became a freelancer, then everything started flowing smoothly in my life. So sometimes things like roadblocks are GOOD signs. Another time, when I was buying my home, I actually did hear a voice in my ear. Most of the time, though, it's something much more subtle, like work will be slow and I'll think about a client, then hear from them later that day. That's just a little pat on the shoulder letting me know I'm being watched over and everything's going to be OK.

So now that you know what a sign looks like, have you seen one lately? Have you ignored one lately? If you ask for a sign and open your eyes today, chances are, the sign will come. And if you question it, well...don't. Trust that whatever comes is truly a sign. Then move in the direction of it. But continue to keep your eyes open, because sometimes signs lead you towards something just to get a little more information before they steer you away again.

The more you start seeing signs, the more often signs will come. We've all had the experience at one time or another of feeling steered by an invisible hand, right? We've also all had the experience of looking back after something bad has happened and seeing all the signs we've missed, haven't we? Signs are not an isolated incident. They come every day and point us toward targets both superficial and significant. Personally, I believe pretty much everything has meaning, but I know a lot of people can't agree with that. And that's OK. Just start paying attention anyway.  

As individuals, we usually have such small dreams for ourselves. But the universe thinks up the best stuff—stuff beyond our wildest dreams. The best is yet to come. Let the signs show you the way.

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