Tuesday, May 22, 2012

5/23/12—Visiting Rainbow Bridge

Today's Draw: Rainbow Bridge by Lisa Hunt. Do you believe your deceased pets still look out for you from above? Do you have connection to someone in your life that you just can't understand...one you feel might be based on a past-life experience? What, if anything, do you believe about past lives and soul groups?

Today's draw is an actual drawing, not a tarot card. As part of a limited edition offering of her latest tarot deck, Ghosts & Spirits, Lisa Hunt signed a card, put together a special print and offered a custom drawing for any keyword of your choosing. My keyword was "rainbow bridge" and this drawing is her interpretation of it. 

If you don't know about the Rainbow Bridge, it comes from a poem about the place your four legged friends go to wait for you until you join them again. My dog Passion died a few years ago and on our last night together, we talked and snuggled all night and I told her what a great girl she had been. I also told her the story about Rainbow Bridge and about how one day I'd meet her there. 

A few months after she died, I pulled out my Tarot of Transformation deck to ask if Passion had any messages for me. I chose the deck because it's always gentle and contemplative in its answers. What I suppose I didn't consciously realize is that it's probably the only deck in my collection that has a Rainbow Bridge card—tarot decks don't normally have Rainbow Bridge cards. And that's the first of two cards I chose at random.  Choosing that card of all the 78 in the deck brought me to tears. Because it felt like she was saying she had found Rainbow Bridge and was waiting for me. 

The incredibly beautiful Passion the dog.
The second card I chose showed a spirit bear keeping watch over a mommy bear and two cubs while they slept. Passion's nickname was Pashie Bear. So this card was showing me that she was watching over me and Kizzie and Magick Moonbeam. I mean, what are the odds? I felt that Passion's spirit guided me to that deck so she could communicate precisely what she wanted. And I have no doubt of that, because I've never met a dog with a larger human vocabulary than her. If you could measure dog IQ, she would be considered a genius...not because she was trainable, but because she had communication, discernment and reasoning skills far beyond other dogs and beyond many humans as well. Anyway, that's her in the picture Lisa Hunt drew.

This past weekend I had an aura photograph taken and a reading. I'm not sure what I believe of all of that. And the lady doing it was a little out there. But one of the things she said was that there were 144,000 individuals in my soul group. A soul group can be considered the group of people you encounter over and over, lifetime after lifetime. This lifetime's favorite grocery clerk might be next lifetime's childhood chum. 

While Rainbow Bridge is a place where you reunite with pets, I imagine there's a place where you reunite with members of your soul group and come to know and understand the roles they played in your various lifetimes. Sometimes it's fun to think about someone you know and assess what role they might have played in another lifetime. Like my sister who calls me by her daughter's name....maybe there's a past-life reason for that. Or my real-life faux boyfriend...maybe he wasn't so faux in another lifetime. And my girl, Passion...I'm pretty sure she wasn't always a dog. I think she came back as one to teach me the valuable lesson of how to love. 

So what do you think of all of this? Can you figure out who some of the important people in your life might have been in another life?

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