Tuesday, May 8, 2012

5/9/12—Fueling The Machine

Today's Draw: Seven of Cups from the Druidcraft Tarot. Have you ever glimpsed into a whole other possible reality? What did you see? And what do you see in Tierney's Dark and Wild Adventure Into the Subconscious?

The Seven of Cups is one of those cards you can see in many ways...an abundance of choices and a lack of decision making, visions for the future turned into mere daydreams and emotions that turn into manifestations. Another meaning of the card has to do with illusions and the many facets of emotion. 

I've spoken before about this amazing emotional/spiritual music evoked healing thing I do with a woman in Maryland. What happens in the session is that we set an intention, then she chooses music to fit the intention. She relaxes me and puts me in a meditative state and plays the music, which is almost always classical. And, in this relaxed state, images form as I listen. I describe the images I'm seeing and she writes down everything I say. Then we analyze what has happened at the end of the session.

I've been doing this with her for a couple of years now. So it has become common for me to go into a really deep hypnotic/subconscious state during the session. During these times I get really cold. It's odd. It takes a lot to make me cold. And it was pretty cool in the room today, but not THAT cool. Anyway, I always put the blanket on me before a session, because it's inevitable that, at some point, I'll leave consciousness and get really cold. 

But this isn't about my body temperature. It's about my session today. Like I said, I've been doing this for two years. And while this isn't a literal interpretation of what happens, it has always conjured angels and glitter and Jesus—that type of imagery. The sessions are always very expansive and reassuring. And yes, even though I'm not a Jesus person, I have seen Jesus in these sessions. I've had angels joke around with me because I act so human as a human, when in fact, I'm one of them and I've just forgotten. I've flown as a bird. Sat with wise men. And experienced my soul as the magical, transcendent, immortal thing it is. 

For as light and ethereal as all my sessions have been, however, today's was surreal and dark. While I recognized there was a purpose to the human situation, I saw us as being imprisoned. Stored. Warehoused. Our brains were used to power the universe, not for the benefit of humanity, but for the benefit of biology. And while we're all connected as one, we are all just chemicals used to power the machine. 

Some of the things I said when I was in a subconscious state today were really deep. Usually when I go that deep my mutterings are random and don't seem to have meaning. An example might be "marshmallow butterfly elephant". Who knows what that's supposed to mean? But here are a few things I said in the subconscious state today that were actually quite lucid, and I thought I'd share:

• You can't look at something from the outside and expect to understand it.
• It's like the other side of this place [the things we see] doesn't exist. 
• It's the modern thing to be invisible. 
• I look out a window and there's no "there" out there. 
• [Someone] has got a broken foot, but we can replace that. 
• On a computer screen I see a progress bar that is making progress. And, on a pull-down menu, I'm given the option of "advise".

Another thing I said in that state was a musing about how we buy nice things, then don't use use them because we don't want to ruin them. And then they just go to waste. 

I know that seems like a lot of disconnected mish-mash. But the overall feeling of the session was that we are basically automatons within a grand machine. We think we're free, but we're imprisoned and destined to fulfill the purpose intended by the machine. That the chemical reactions in our brain that produce thought are the fuel for this machine. It doesn't really matter what we think. It's the energy produced by thinking that matters. And that (and this is how it ties back to the tarot card) everything is illusion. There is no "other side" to this place, because it's like a movie set, arranged to be the backdrop for our chemical thought process to reflect against, thereby producing more energy for the machine.

Depressing, huh? Part existentialist, part futile and part really bleak and disappointing...haha. It suggests that the importance of humanity and the ego of man is a veil created to ensure we pump out enough fuel to power "the machine", which could be God, the universe or an actual machine for all I know. But it also offers up the notion that, while we're here, we get to benefit from this really cool veil, instead of living in the reality that we're slave fodder. So we should appreciate the veil while we've got it. 

Anyway, I thought it was really interesting. It's not the normal thing these sessions reveal to me...this dark underbelly of the human psyche...of MY psyche. On the upside, though, I wasn't dismembering babies or anything awful like that...haha. It could have been darker than the feeling of futility in the service to some great machine. What does all of this conjure in you?

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