Sunday, June 3, 2012

6/4/12—Embracing Immortality

Today's Draw: Moonstone from the Aora Gemstone Oracle. Do you feel especially drawn to the moon? Have you ever called upon the power of the moon to manifest intentions in your life? And did you know that you could connect with the immortal you in the light of a full moon?

Ancient cultures believed that moonstone harvested the power of the moon. If you gaze into a moonstone, you'll see why. To begin with, it holds the color of the moon...a cool tone of bluish grayish white. But it also has what is called chatoyance which, when hit just right by light, makes the stone appear almost luminescent.

Like the moon, the moonstone represents the feminine or yin aspects within us. Those include intuition, healing and psychic ability. When used in healing, it directly, yet gently, illuminates the barriers between us and that which we desire. Its message is one of freedom and beauty.

This past Saturday night I led a full moon manifestation ceremony. New age belief has it that, when the moon is waxing, or coming into fullness, that's a good time to bring things into your life. And when the moon is waning, or going toward the new moon, that's a good time to release things from your life. The energies are most powerful in the couple of days leading up to and including the moon in question. 

Just as the moon governs the ebb and flow of the tides of great bodies of water, it also affects ebbs and flows within us. This is especially seen in women in regard to their periods, which generally mimic the same cycle as the moon. The moon doesn't preclude men at all, rather it speaks to their feminine aspects, just as the sun speaks to everyone's masculine aspects. But this innate feminine connection to the moon has been in effect throughout history. Just as most rulers of the sun were gods, not goddesses, in ancient cultures, most of the rulers of the moon were goddesses, as opposed to gods. 

So Saturday night, thirteen women gathered in a circle to call upon the moon's power to bring transformation into their lives. The butterfly in the card is indicative of that transformation...the shedding of the previous self, revealing the beauty, freedom and flight within. It wasn't planned that no men would be there. Plenty were invited. Nor was it planned to have thirteen women, which is significant in Wiccan ceremony. In fact, there were a couple of wiccans there...and Christians, and a Jewish lady, and some new agers and others I have no idea of. So it was just a really nice mix of serendipity and diversity and energy that you couldn't intentionally create if you wanted to. 

Just as the moon gently, yet directly, illuminates issues and brings them forth to be healed, this evening did that for some of the women there. It began with a class on manifestation and, through the course of inquiring why their efforts thus far hadn't worked, I think a number of women had lightbulb moments, guided by myself and a handful of wise healers that attended. Everyone was so genuine in their desire for change that at times it was very touching to hear the intentions they set during the ceremony.

I'm going on and on about this because it was a truly beautiful thing. We were connected not only with each other and the powerful energy we created as a group, but we were also connected to the universal mystery...the source of all creation. For some that source was called God or Jesus. For others, the Goddess or the Universe. We were all together in this, bound by the moon and its powerful gravity. And it drew us together in a moment of beauty, insight, healing, trust, creation and sisterhood that you always hope for in a situation like this, but that can never be planned or guaranteed. I don't have nights like that very often—I doubt many of us do—so it was a gift.

So Monday night brings the full moon. The book for this deck suggests placing a moonstone directly on your third eye in the light of the full moon to activate the "soma"...the spiritual molecule of immortality within. Soma is referred to as the nectar of the gods in many ancient religions and as ambrosia to the Greeks and Romans. Meditating with moonstone during the full moon can help you embrace your physical and spiritual immortality and the powerful gravitational connection between you and the all that is. 

One of the things I taught in the manifestation course was to make your intention official through ceremony and speaking your intention aloud. Aside from conjuring up your innate immortality, what will you call into being in the full moon's powerful light? 

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