Tuesday, August 21, 2012

8/22/12—Discovering The Power of Your Energy

Today's Draw: Three of Wands from Tod's Creatures Tarot by Tod Wills. Are you effectively creating the life you want? How important do you think your energy body is to making things happen in your world? What secret does this precious winking cat know that you don't?

First things first. After my rant about cat decks last week, I know there are a couple of people out there thinking, "nice cat deck, Tierney." So I'd like to say that Tod's Creatures is an equal opportunity deck. There are all sorts of animals in it. This card just happens to be a cat. And while I don't always mention anything much about the deck I'm using, I'll say this deck is whimsical with some interesting artistic deviations from traditional decks (which is something I like). There is no lwb. And it's within my tolerance of cute, but just. You can see samples at: 


Next I wanted to mention that yesterday's post sparked some lively commentary and it would seem a lot of people have either been having their own storms lately or have been the recipient of a storm. A couple of good points were made on my Facebook page that I didn't make yesterday. One was that sometimes the storm is physical...we hold this stuff inside and when it bursts forth, it does so in the guise of illness or festering pustules or whatever. The other point was that, sometimes our storms, depending on how they're received, can result in needed change. They may come out in a loud and unattractive way, but the point is made. 

OK. Now on to today's card. Traditionally this card would show a man from the back, surveying the scenery as his ship is about to come in...both literally and figuratively. It's an initial phase of completion on a creative project and it's a moment of success. It's also a card of foresight and planning for the next phase of the project, because we can't sit on our laurels for long. He doesn't need to act, because he is the divine overseer of the project.

While we see the guy from the back in the traditional card, here we see the cat's face. And he's winking at us. Because he knows something else is aiding his success...something in addition to hard work. He is literally the divine overseer of his fate. His job is to observe and receive while the universe is doing all the strategizing, organizing, scheduling and execution. 

As Mike Dooley says, when it comes to manifestation, "your job is the 'what' and the universe's job is the 'how'." The whole idea behind spontaneous manifestation of desire is that you put the thoughts out into the universe, keep those thoughts consistent, act in alignment with those thoughts and the universe will create the thing you desire. 

I'm not going to go into a whole drawn out thing about manifestation. No, it's not as easy as it sounds. And yes, it is easy as it sounds. It's more of a mindset, discipline and faith you have to acquire...that's the hard part. And, once that's acquired, it's easy. Anyway, the reason I'm not going to yammer and spew about it is because I did a whole week on it here:


Then there's this excellent post:


And if you want more, just search the term "manifestation" on my blog and you'll get an entire book's worth of thoughts on the topic. 

The point is, every passing thought, every action, every word you utter is an energy exchange between you and God/the universe/the all of creation. With every neuron that sparks inside you, you're telling the universe what you think, what you want and who you are. And the universe responds to you accordingly. 

There's one other past post that comes to bear on the situation—one of my most popular posts ever. Remember the one where my boy, Kizzie, is standing in the water? It's all about the energetic impact and effect each of us has on everything around us. We are nothing more than senders and receivers of energy...like little Ham radios operating on an infinite array of frequencies, sending and receiving a bazillion impulses or messages a minute, most of which we are completely unaware of. Here you go: 


See the cat in today's card is an energetic sensei. See the robes he's wearing? And his wink is telling us that he knows all the secrets I've shared with you in all those post links above. He's so attuned to his connectedness—to God, the natural world, and others—that he can feel the leaves around him rustling before they even begin to twitch. He doesn't have to turn to watch any ships coming in, because he already knows they're there. 

And the cool thing is, the only way he's different from you is that he's aware of his power. He cultivates it, respects it and has complete faith in it. When we talk about energy and vibrations and wavelengths, this is what we're really talking about—the knowledge that each of us is just an energetic impulse away from all that exists and ever has existed. 

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