Monday, August 6, 2012

8/6/12—Taking a Good, Honest Look

Today's Draw: Three of Wands from Melissa Townsend's Tarot. Do you act in alignment with your beliefs about how others should be? Do you ever find you've fallen short of the mark and become akin to the very things you judge others for being? Have you ever noticed that, just when society starts to forget all the hate in the world, someone comes along to remind us?

Every time there's a hate crime, an act of terrorism or hate rhetoric, it elicits a certain response in this country. First people say, "how could anyone be so cruel, unaccepting and judgmental? There's just no excuse for it." Then, shortly thereafter you'll hear people say, "those bastards should be tortured the way they tortured others" or "string those useless mofos up and be done with them!"

You've probably even thought something along those lines yourself at one time or another. But can you see the irony?

This week's theme is about oneness. Oneness is seeing others the same as we see ourselves...focusing on similarities, rather than differences...seeing ourselves in others.

I believe having a stronger sense of oneness is society's way out of hate and separation. I believe that's important because the more diverse our cultures get, the more we need understanding. There will always be hate. But there will be less of the hate we hate, if we just learn to stop hating.

Who, you? Yes you. When you hate the haters, you're a hater. It's that simple. And if you're a hater, you're part of the problem and not part of the solution.

Further, if you feel you're "better" than the haters—even the worst among them—you're also part of the problem. There is no moral high ground in oneness. There is no good and bad duality. No us and them. There's just one.

Yeah, yeah. I said a lot of this yesterday. And some of you may have decided that hating the haters is the only morally correct thing to do. And that's ok. I'll just address whomever is left.

I think sometimes these acts come along to wake society up. I mean, look at their timing. It seems as soon as we get complacent, another thing happens to put us back on our game. And "our game" isn't about taking the easy road. It's about taking a good hard look at ourselves and seeing if we're in alignment with what we believe.

That's what today's Three of Wands has come here to ask of us. It's never easy to see yourself as part of something you don't approve of, but that's what personal growth is about. We see something in others that we find annoying or reprehensible and live that way for years, only to look at them again one day down the line see ourselves mirrored back to us.

As our lives go on, we seem to have an inexhaustible supply of self denial as we uncover ugly bit after ugly bit and fix it. And it is only then that we can look back and see why so-and-so was in our lives and what they came here to show us. They were ourselves, echoing back at us what we needed to take a longer look at. And, instead, we pushed them away. We separated them from us with an attitude of "that kind of person is not MY kind of person."

This is a hard week. If you didn't read yesterday's entry, do. Because it's time for all of us to not only ask ourselves what we stand for, but to also see where we're falling short of our own mark. When we separate ourselves from the world's issues thinking that it doesn't have anything to do with us or that we would never such-and-such way, we're part of the problem. If we really want to honor our paths and live up to our rhetoric, we'll have the balls to look deeply and honestly enough to become part of the solution.

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