Friday, August 10, 2012

8/11/12-8/12/12—Making Tough Decisions

Weekend Reading: Seven of Swords from the Rohrig Tarot. One of the more subtle skills to acquire in this lifetime is to know when to keep trying and when to give up. There is honor in both options, but too often we're plagued by "what ifs" and doubts about choosing one of the two options too soon. This weekend you may be faced precisely that challenge—do you try one more time? Or do you just call it a day? This particular episode may be a good time to start developing your own system for checking in with your higher wisdom. 

I often do "gut checks" where I state one option to myself on my inhale, then monitor my exhale for signs of butterflies or discomfort in my gut that might indicate it's the wrong option to choose. If my gut relaxes and feels "right", then I know it's the right option to choose. Another option would be to meditate on the situation and see what answers come. Or you could imagine your life continuing in the current direction and see what that looks like. Then imagine it moving in the new direction and see which seems more attractive to you. People who are adept at using pendulums or other divination devices might want to consult their oracles. I know I often have to be reminded I have that option available to me. Or you could just ask yourself, "would I be able to live with myself if I never made the change or chose the other option?" Whatever you decide this weekend, though, know that most decisions can be undone. It may not be easy and, in some cases, it may require another person's buy-in, but sometimes just making a decision—any decision—can be the very solution you've been looking for to end the conflict within. 

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