Tuesday, September 4, 2012

9/5/12—Claiming Your Power

Today's Draw: The Magician from the Collective Tarot. Do you know how powerful you are? How frickin' awesome you are? Are you ready to claim your true potential?

The nice thing about being a tarotholic is that sometimes you come home from a long day and find a deck in the mail that you didn't even remember you bought...haha. It came from one of those Kickstarter things where you fund a project ahead of time and a few months later, they send you the deck you bought. So it was a nice surprise. 

This deck is what it sounds like. It's a deck made from the efforts of 25 contributing artists and collaborators. This card was drawn by Azsa West. 

The healing message that comes from this card is that you have so much more power than you realize in this world. Whatever you want to create and whatever you want to change, it is within your grasp. If you never achieve what you want in this world, it won't be because it wasn't possible. 

Well, OK. You can't be Miss Teen America if you're 40, but there is a beauty pageant out there with your name on it. And maybe Johnny Depp is taken, but there is a man out there who will make you forget about him. Whatever you want most—love, success, your dream career, outer beauty that matches your inner beauty and visa versa—all these things are open to you.  Your potential in this world is unlimited. 

The Magician in tarot possesses all the tools he needs to manifest anything he wants in his life. He's not a special case. God/The Universe gave you all the tools, too. There may be people with better educations than you or who are more economically advantaged, but there is no one—nobody—in this world that has more of God's grace and support than you. We were all born equal in that way. 

The only difference is how you choose to use those gifts...the confidence you have in knowing that there is nobody God is pulling for more than you. 

It's easy to forget. It's easy to doubt. We look at others and it seems so easy for them, when it's not so much for us. But that's because they already know the Magician's tools are their birthright. And, because they know that, they may have a head start on you. But they don't have any greater opportunity than you do. Even if someone else is already doing exactly what you want to do, there is room for two. There is room for 200. There is room for you. The Magician wants you to claim your place at the table. 

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