Thursday, October 4, 2012

10/5/12—Building the Life Force

Today's Draw: Umiarkowanie (Temperance) from the Tarot Maroon. Is there someone or some situation in your life that drains you of your life force? What unfinished business keeps that situation in your life? What do you suppose it is healing within you?

I pulled this EXACT card just a little over a month ago. And in that entry I spoke about how my dog, Magick Moonbeam, comes to me to heal her hiccups with my reiki energy. And I spoke about my other dog, Kizzie, is a healing source for me...instantly calming me when I dig into his abundant fur. 

But today I officially became the mommy of a third dog, Mystic, aka Manic Mystic, aka Buckshot Annie. And I wonder which way this will go...will I be healing for her? Or will she be healing for me. 

The truth is, it will probably be a little bit of both. Because that's what Temperance is...a balance. A give and take. The hummingbird in the picture nourishes itself on the nectar of the flower, then flies off with the flower's pollen to pollinate another flower. Both receive life force from the other in one way or another. 

While it's easy to see how a doggie and mommy receive life force from each other, sometimes it's hard to see this at work with the humans in our lives. I mean, it's easy when the relationship is good and healing. And with relationships that aren't, we can easily see how they suck the life force out of us. What we don't easily see is how, even when a relationship is draining, it's pulling us forward and ultimately aiding in our healing. 

It's all in how you look at it. The hummingbird is taking from the flower, draining it of the nectar it has spent a lot of its energy accumulating. But it accumulated the nectar to attract the bird so the bird could spread its seed. We often do that with others. We have them in our lives to serve a certain purpose, even if we can't always see it. Sometimes it's a human, ego-driven purpose and sometimes it's a soul-based spiritual purpose. Then, when the exchange has completed its value, like the flower, it will wither. But it will have created something new in us in the process.

Whether it's a human or a job or some other situation, it's not just there to drain you. It's there to heal you. Viewed through a spiritual lens, EVERYTHING in life is there to nourish or heal you. The mistake we make is standing in its way by whining about it all the time and making it more painful than it needs to be...haha. 

I mean, look back on your life and you'll see where everything has all been a process of growth and renewal that you, eventually, became grateful for. Whatever person or situation you're facing now will be the same. 


  1. You said it so well!! And it helped me to read it from your perspective. I've been in the process of ending a 45 year friendship and finding it hard to let go of the emotion involved inside me. It has been in the works for awhile although it was only recently I pulled the plug totally. This card came up for me the other day (from another deck)at a time when I felt some closure and the card spoke to me of balance and harmony with the universe. It really is a growth process and grow I have. It is just so hard. and so sad.

  2. Oh, I'm glad it helped Carol. I ended a friendship like that a couple of years ago. We had only known each other 25 years, though...haha. Anyway, you're not the person you were when you met them anymore. And you probably did a lot of growing together. But inevitably there's some critical way in which you change and they don't...and it's a deal breaker. I think it's important for us to know we're not bad people for walking away.

    I have my limitations just like everyone else. I have a friend who is really good at looking the other way to preserve a friendship she's had all her life. And more power to her. Their relationship has changed, but it hasn't wavered. But I don't have that thing she has. :/