Monday, March 4, 2013

3/5/13—Digging Into Past Lives

Today's Draw: Six of Pentacles in a Past Life from The Wild Unknown and the Deck of 1000 Spreads. Do you believe that children are more psychically inclined than older children and adults? Do you believe in past lives? And if you do, what do you suppose you learned in past lives that you won't have to deal with in this one?

Back when I was three or four years old I had a number of premonitions or mystical experiences that I've carried with me all my life. I've told this story before, but this fertile period of "awareness" all happened while I was living in the "creepy room"—a tiny room that was intended to be a closet, but we turned into a bedroom. 

Anyway, during that time I felt like I "downloaded" a lot of information from...somewhere. Or something. Some of it, I'm pretty sure, was about a past life. Some of it was stuff that I remembered, but didn't understand the significance of until much later in life. And some of it came in the form of just "knowing" what some of my struggles would—and wouldn't—be in this lifetime. Today's card reminds me of one of those things because I've just always believed that any lesson of poverty or gross mismanagement of money happened in a previous life. So far it also seems like any lesson involving having way more than I need was saved for another life, too...haha. But I've always had enough to keep me from struggling and that was the premonition—that I wouldn't struggle. 

While the Six of Pentacles is usually about giving or receiving money, in this deck it's about prosperity and growth. So this pair is talking about a lesson of prosperity and growth that came from a past life. That can mean you're not going to struggle in this life. Or it can mean a resentment, fear, false belief or impediment of some sort that came from a prosperous past life. 

Thinking about all of this and what it means to me brings up a whole sack of warring philosophical thoughts. So I had this notion as a small child. Is is possible that it came from my imagination and, having that belief from a young age, drove the eventual reality in my life? I very much ascribe to this method of creating things in our lives, so it's possible. 

Could it be that I was getting input from spirits their messages had nothing to do with me? Part of the creepiness of that room was that I heard Native American-type drumming every night that terrified me because, even then, it felt otherworldly. 

Or could it really be a past-life lesson and one I didn't need to learn in this lifetime? Any one of my brothers and sisters will tell you about the lucrative industry I created in my pre-school years centered around selling dirt-clad rocks, pebbles and gravel to my parents for precious pennies and nickels that could be spent on candy at Pat's Market.  

Or could it have nothing to do with mystical matters at all and, instead, be because I work hard and have my hand in so many pots that I have good "insurance", financially speaking? When you look at the picture, it could suggest this. Each clump of leaves collects the water and sun needed to produce the fruit. And there are many clumps collecting the energy needed to bear fruit. 

Of course, these are all questions we'll never know the answers least not in this incarnation. Some of the information I got at that time has come to pass in one way or another. Not small things, either. My career in advertising, my struggle with weight and the money thing among them. But, of course, some of it has also not yet come to pass. 

But this prompts us all to ask ourselves some of the big questions. How much of our live is pre-determined and how much is not? How much do we create through our thoughts and how much by our will? And what tough past-life lessons are you gratefully free of having to deal with this time around?

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