Friday, June 7, 2013

6/8/13-6/9/13—Enjoying the Spotlight

Weekend Reading: Moon and Heart from my Keywordy Lenormand, now available wherever Tierney's decks are sold! Lenormand cards are usually read in pairs. Think of the first card as a noun and the second card as a verb or adjective. As you can see, there are a lot of different phrases and meanings you can come up with. But the one I'm choosing for you this weekend is to enjoy a moment in the spotlight. So many of us normally mourn our shortcomings and brush off our accomplishments. But this weekend there's something to be proud of. Enjoy it. Maybe it's that you've got an adult child at home and are proud of them. Or maybe you win at BUNKO. Or maybe you get your list done early this weekend. We all have so much to be proud of if we just let ourselves accept it (and refuse to accept the criticisms of others.)

Try to read this pair for yourself. The first card is the noun and the second card modifies it. What do you see? A date with a friend for the movies? A kiss beneath the dark moon? Some afternoon delight? 

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