Wednesday, July 31, 2013

8/1/13—Snapping Out of It

Today's Draw: Queen of Wands from the Art of Life Tarot. Who should the world revolve around? Yourself? Your family? Mankind in general?

The quote on today's card reads, "The greatest good you can do for another is not just share your riches, but to reveal to him his own." It's from Benjamin Disraeli.

At some point or another I think we all slip into the notion that the world revolves around us. It's a pretty natural state. I mean, babies don't censor themselves in any way for the sake of others. They cry when they have need. Loudly. They poop without even trying to hold it in until they get to a toilet. And they fart without any regards as to the proximity of others. Moreover, crying, pooping or whatever, their every utterance is met by someone running in and making everything right again. This goes on throughout all of our most impressionable developmental years.

So it's really no surprise that we all tend to think the world is all about us from time to time. Today's card seems to be reminding us not to hang out there too long.

Often you hear people talk about how so-and-so thinks the world revolves around him, and it's said like it's the worst kind of person you can be. But it's what we're programmed to be. Somewhere in childhood (hopefully) something happens to show us that the world revolving around us is not an absolute. And our bubble is burst. We learn how to live in a world that revolves around everyone. At some point we may have a family and live in a world that revolves around someone or everyone else. But I think there's no one right place to be. We need to live in a multi-revolvable world. It can't always be about us, nor can it always be for mankind and others. The thing is, all those places can swallow you up and make you forget to mingle with the other places.

According to society, another state as abhorrent as thinking the world revolves around you is being "selfish". Someone I know responds to accusations of selfishness by saying, "oh, so I suppose you'd rather I be you-ish?" That about sums up my feeling, too. There is nothing wrong with being selfish. Nor is there anything wrong with being selfless. If anything is wrong, it's not balancing the two some way in your life.

So that's that. No matter what world or state you're currently lost in, snap out of it.

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