Friday, August 30, 2013

8/31/13—9/2/13—Keeping Your Eye On Your Wonderland

Weekend Reading: The "Hi" Priestess from the 1969 Tarot. What a long, strange trip this weekend is starting out to be! Alice has had a little something to drink and now everything around her feels dangerous and unfamiliar as she searches for her Wonderland. As the lwb for the deck states, however, "they can't behead it if it's only a head to start with!" As if that's not crystal clear, even if crazy is swirling around you, try to keep your head. And if something someone says or does seems a little...not right...don't drink the Kool Aid. Keep your wits about you lest you get deviated from your path. The Wonderland you seek this weekend is in sight. You may have to go there alone. But if you do what you need to do to ignore all the distractions around you, you'll get there in tact. 

I'm taking Monday off, so I'll see you all next with Tuesday's reading! Have a nice holiday weekend (in the US)! 

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