Thursday, September 5, 2013

9/6/13—Waving With Leonardo

Today's Draw: Three of Pentacles from the 1969 Tarot in the What is Hidden position from the Deck of 1000 Spreads. Does it seem like your life has gone to crap? Has the fairy of unfairness sprinkled its...dust...upon you? And what does any of this have to do with The Last Supper?

I keep being pulled back to this 1969 Tarot a lot these days. We're very simpatico. (Simpatico is my new favorite word of the month. It's Spanish. It means "of like mind".) When I use that word in conjunction with this deck, I mean that this deck speaks a certain and clear language to me, regardless of the book meaning or traditional meaning. 

So the traditional meaning for this card is hard work or cooperation. And the book meaning for this card in this deck is that work and play are opposing parts of the same wave. So if you think of water and waves, a life of all work creates zero motion. A life of all play creates zero motion. The only way to keep things moving is some of both. One thing without the other is a flatline. 

However, the reason I feel so simpatico with this deck is that it also immediately cried out to me "structure"...that there is a hidden structure beneath everything. See Leonardo da Vinci (the dude in the pic) was a master of structure. In addition to being an artist, he was an architect, inventor and engineer. His Vitruvian Man drawing (shown at his third eye in this card) was all about the geometry and proportion of the human body. His painting of the Last Supper is, at most, an enigmatic web of hidden messages and, at least, as mysterious as the smile he painted on the Mona Lisa. 

Da Vinci was a man of unquestionable genius. He demystified the effects of fluvial systems (moving water), the reason why the sky is blue and why you can see the outline of the entire moon when only the thinnest sliver of a crescent moon is in the sky—all for the first time. As work and play are two parts of the same wave (actually creating the wave) as the author notes in the book that comes with the deck, he saw art and science in the same way. Beneath everything lies a hidden structure. Perhaps his profound understanding of that is why, 600 years later, his creations are still among the most famous and enduring of all time.

What all of this is getting to is may not always seem this way, but there is a hidden innate wisdom (or structure or science) running beneath everything going on in your life. There is a logic to it. And the logic is neither good, nor bad. Unfortunately, it usually has to do with something we caused, something we need, something we requested or something we deserve. In that way, it always serves us.  

Your situation and the structure beneath it create a wave. One without the other is a flatline. We need both to continue forward motion. So whatever is going on, trust that there's an innate wisdom beneath it that has come expressly to move you forward.

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