Monday, November 4, 2013

11/5/13—Setting Something Free

Today's Draw: IV of Coins from the Frau Grand Duchess Tarot. Are you holding on to something of value right now? Is the value as relevant today as it was when you first started holding on? And what space is that thing or idea occupying within you and blocking you from achieving?

First, just some random thoughts. I'm not a fan of collage decks, but I do like this one. I think it's all the retro stuff. So check it out. And second, someone had recently pointed out to me that most clocks don't use "IV" to signify 4. Instead, they use "IIII". Of course, IV is the proper way of doing 4 in Roman numerals, but apparently on clocks and wristwatches, IIII is the preferred way. For no apparent reason, except that that's the way it's always been done. 

In a way, that kind of relates to today's post. The Four of Coins is about holding on to money and possessions. It's the card of the miser. But money isn't the only thing we hold on to. We hold on to outdated dreams. We hold on to hope. We hold on to status. In fact, there's a lot we hold on to that falls under the purview of the Four of Coins. 

A few months back I was offered a publishing opportunity. It was very flattering. And it was perfect for me. I was to come up with a proposal and, if the proposal was approved, I would move forward. So it wasn't a definite thing or anything I was paid to do. It was a "maybe". And it was my option. To me, it was a commitment I had agreed to. 

Anyway, I noodled over it for months, never getting anywhere. Nobody was in any hurry for it, so I continued to noodle. But then it started occurring to me, "why am I not totally inspired by this?" Still, I held on to the opportunity, because it was flattering and it was cool and I was the perfect person to do it. But the truth is, though I liked being thought of in that way, it's not where my heart was. So I finally declined. And, thankfully, my decision was taken well. 

But the point is that sometimes we hold on to something for the wrong reasons. And while we're holding on, that thing is occupying space in our mind and our world. It blocks the way of something better that might come in. The 47 year old's dream of becoming a prima ballerina might stand in the way of learning ballroom or something more suited to who she is today. The hope that lost love might come back occupies the space that someone new might occupy—your hope marks you unavailable, even though you're looking. The crap you're holding on to in your spare bedroom (I'm talking about me now, haha) literally occupies the space and keeps it from becoming a retreat space. 

Anytime you hold on to something, whether it's an idea or something tangible, it stops the flow of something new entering your life. And that's what the Four of Coins wants us to know. Letting go of a dream, for example, can be viewed as a failure or it can be viewed as an exciting new beginning, filled with fresh hope and excitement. Letting go also doesn't mean you'll never have the thing you were holding on to too tightly. It just means you're allowing for other possibilities. And my experience tells me that when you let go, something more perfect is likely to fill the space. But nothing will fill the space if you keep holding on. 

I've written here before about manifestation, detachment, letting go of can search those terms on my site if you want to know more. But keeping the flow of abundance and love and everything else we want to have in our lives going strong, means letting go of our attachment to everything. Truth is, there is nothing that can't be grabbed from us, no matter how hard our grip. And sometimes our grip can suffocate and strangle the very thing we want in our lives. So, as the saying goes, "If you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you (or stays), it's yours. If it doesn't, it never was." 

This actually dovetails quite nicely with yesterday's reading, because our "gingerbread man" could be something we're holding on to. Life is meant to flow freely. So think about what you're holding on to...ideas, beliefs, money, dreams, perceptions, etc...and release your grip. You may be very pleasantly surprised at what takes its place. 

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