Tuesday, November 5, 2013

11/6/13—Asking, Getting and Regifting

Today's Draw: Seven of Staves from the Nigel Jackson Tarot. Do you feel the life you're living today is the result of the effort you've put forth? Does it fall short in some way? And if you're in search of change, are you ready to greet it when it comes?

The Seven of Wands is a card that I usually see as a battle, but one in which you're in a good defensive position. There's no reason why you shouldn't win. Some see this as a card that means "putting your best foot forward". Although all these interpretations are shades of the same color, I'm going to go with Nigel Jackson't interpretation today because it conveniently fits my plan—"the best outcome won by one's efforts and strivings". 

Our desires are a funny thing. A few months back I asked the universe for more money and time to pursue a book I want to write. First I got the money. And that was pretty cool. And over the past month or so, things have been slowing down at work, so while I'm still doing enough work to get by, I'm also getting a day here and there with no work. Which is also good. So I have a slower schedule and I have the money to cover the slowdown. 

You'd think I'd be thrilled. And I am. But I'm also worried about the slowdown. It's slower because one of my clients has gone quiet and, I suspect, they'll remain that way for a while. So I worry. But see, the whole money thing was so I wouldn't have to worry. I have gotten "the best outcome won by one's efforts and strivings" and I don't want to blow this. I have gotten what I wanted and worrying about 6 months from now can happen just as easily three or four months from now. 

But how often do we do that? We get what we ask for and either don't like it or worry about it or it's just not enough for our grubby little head to be satisfied with. I consider myself a particularly grateful person and also a person who is really good at keeping fears like this at bay. Yet here I am. I've gotten exactly what I've asked for...exactly what I wanted...and I'm looking the gift horse in the mouth. 

Also think about all the times we got what we asked for, then realized we should have asked differently. One time I asked for a man who would make me laugh and send tingles down my spine (in a sexy way). And I got him. But he was also a philandering, verbally abusive SOB. That's actually when I learned the true meaning of "be careful what you ask for". 

The universe is a very tricky thing when it comes to creating the things you ask for. My experience is that it always delivers. But you have to deliver, too. Right now the universe is giving me what I asked for and now it's my turn to deliver by not creating drama where there isn't any. It's my job to enjoy and utilize the gift I asked for in a responsible way. And back with the old bf, it was my job to take responsibility for what I asked for and, instead of just taking it and making do with it, thank the universe, then regift the man and learn to ask better next time. 

I think the Seven of Staves/Wands is pretty much what we always get—the best outcome based on our efforts. We might not always like the outcome, but instead of pointing the finger of blame at the universe, we need to look to ourselves and what we asked for and how we greeted the gift when we got it. I know I've wasted a lot of opportunities like the one I have now by being afraid or depressed because of the very slowdown I've asked for. 

It's valuable for all of to look at where we are right now and take stock of how it's "the best outcome based on our strivings." If we don't like what we see, we can regift, ask again and greet the new opportunity with the proper spirit, based on what we now know. 

Today's Seven of Wands clearly shows the enemy we're fighting. Most Seven of Wands cards don't show the enemy. They are far below and we have no idea whether they're human or beast. Right now we have the opportunity to see what we're up against, whether we're looking down from our turret or straight ahead in the mirror. 

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