Sunday, April 13, 2014

4/14/14—Letting Things Be

I've let go. Today I don't hold any lingering resentment toward anyone or anything. It's less about being blissed out on beautiful spring day than it is no longer having the energy to hold on to anything negative for too long. 

And what they say is true. Focusing on all the stuff going wrong around you, whether it's people or circumstances, is really just a way to avoid all the stuff going wrong inside you. It's true. When you're not so transfixed on what she said or he did or how some situation took a turn for the worse, you can get some really amazing insights about yourself. Some of the insights might be unflattering, but all are there to heal. As a bonus, it also leaves room for you to process and appreciate more of the good stuff. 

Ultimately we all have our business to take care of here. Over the past couple of years I've made a conscious effort to let people have their crap. After all, I sure wouldn't want anyone up in my crap, so why would get all up in theirs? Whoever you are and whatever objectionable things you do, I'm doing  my best to move on. Including haters. Including things out of my control. Including even taxes. :) And when I can't move on, I use that as an opportunity to ask myself why...what button did that person push that is so painful for me? Because our "hate" for others really isn't about them. It's about something unhealed within us. 

So anyway, not a long post today. It just all of a sudden occurred to me that I had no lingering resentments about anything today—not even resentments about myself or my inactions or actions. I'm sure this has happened before, but I haven't noticed it consciously. It leaves the brain unusually empty, which is why the insights pop in. It's not good or bad, happy or sad. It just is. And suspecting that letting things just "be" is the only true path to lasting contentment, I'm good with that. 

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