Tuesday, January 18, 2011

1/18/11—Letting Go

Today's Draw: Two of Pentacles from the Herbal Tarot. What are you holding on to that is no longer needed? Perhaps a resentment, outdated belief, defensive attitude or even physical items that clutter your home? Why do you think you think you hold on? And what keeps you from releasing it?
For each card in the Herbal Tarot, there is a corresponding herb and the herb for this card is Yellow Dock. It is a laxative and blood tonic, used to bring the blood and waste system back into balance. So it speaks of balance and letting go... of the internal things that keep you from moving forward.

Interestingly, Barbara Moore blogged on the twos in the tarot today and her interpretation was that the twos signify a time of balance and stasis before a decision is made. You can choose one of two possibilities to move toward and once you choose one possibility, you also choose to release the other possibility.

I've been releasing a lot of things lately...feelings towards others, unproductive thoughts within myself, fruitless efforts. Yet I still hold on to a huge stack of magazines I haven't read...haha. And a roomful of crap that has been dogging me for years. I have plans to release all of this—a friend has set a date to come over and help me—but I honestly don't know why I hold on. It's not quite a Hoarders situation, but I'm sure the psychology is the same. It does hold me back in many ways and I think it's because I'm afraid of moving forward professionally and creatively. All of this "stuff" is in my office/craft space.

Anyway, think about this. For me, this card brings up some even more personal things. So share the things you're willing to share if you like, but don't stop considering there. I think we all have a lot of clutter and junk floating around up there.

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