Friday, January 21, 2011

1/21/11—Accepting Others

Today's Draw: Ten of Cups from the Legacy of the Divine. Can you find an opportunity to show more tolerance and acceptance to those who are different from you today? Can you be more patient in your dealings with others? How might your life change if you embraced everyone unconditionally?
We've had the Ten of Cups before. It's pretty much one of the best, most coveted cards in the deck because it speaks of joy, love and togetherness. Traditionally it pictures a happy family with all the generations gathered in celebration. B...ut this particular card shows a Tabby cat curled up next to a Golden Retriever in front of a fire. Both are blissfully sleeping.

In the Metaphysical world, they speak of the concept of Oneness. And, in simple terms, that is that we are all one. That others serve as a reflection of ourselves. That which we hate and fear in others is that which we hate and fear in ourselves. But it's more than just that, it goes to all being an essential part of a single "organism". So abusing another might be akin to abusing your liver. Or spleen (the funniest organ name in the body, imo).

I guarantee that if you choose a stranger in a crowd today and say something nice to them, only with the intention of making them smile, expecting no thank you in return, you will feel better about yourself. If someone is rude to you and you respond kindly, not to be an ass, but to love unconditionally, you will feel better about yourself. There is no way to lose when you look through the eyes of unconditional love. People may not always know the proper and polite way to respond, but neither do you. And how cute is that? :) We are so much more alike than different. How can you reach out to another in love today? And how can reconsider an unfortunate exchange that happened in the past and see how you could have handled it better...and how it would have changed everything if you did? Please share any stories you may have of how this worked for you today.

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