Tuesday, January 25, 2011

1/25/11—Being Aware of Words and Actions

Today's Draw: Queen of Swords from Deviant Moon Tarot. Are you carrying guilt, shame or regret over your thoughts or beliefs? Over words you might have shared with another? Over actions you may have taken, righteous or otherwise?
The Queen of Swords in the Deviant Moon is a sad figure. She has her power, but she doesn't have happiness. And there is blood on her sword, a symbol of thoughts and ideas.

Sometimes the things we may do, think or say give us a sense of pow...er or superiority...but also cleave distance between us and the love we hope to find. Telling someone off, for example, may make you feel righteous, but you may also lose the love of the person you tell off. We're all guilty of stuff like this. It could be an idea we carry that comes with the burden of being misunderstood. Or a salesperson we were rude to that leaves us feeling ashamed of our behavior. Or a stance we take in a leadership role that leaves the big cheese standing alone. It's not only about stuff we do wrong. It's about stuff we do right, too. But sometimes right can be lonely.

So think of this today. It's the whole "would you rather be happy or be right?" thing. Too often I tend to choose "right". And I tend to debate...should I be honest about how I feel or should I keep the peace? Sometimes "keeping the peace" isn't keeping the peace because you're filled with anger or resentment. So what say you on all of this?

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