Thursday, January 27, 2011

1/27/11—Connecting to Oneness

Today's Draw: 1 of Cups (Ace) from the Tarot of Transformation. Do you feel connected and at one with something greater than you? Does that type of connection extend to all of society? Does that type of connection extend to all of nature? And does it extend to the entire universe? Where do you draw the line on reverence and universal love?
The Tarot of Transformation is one of my favorite decks. The artwork is breathtaking (but the cards are flimsy). The deck is focused on the spiritual journey within.

One of the co...ncepts on that journey is the concept of oneness. the Ace of Cups uses a child in the womb to represent that. The card also bears the words, "Dissolving Into Oneness". When you were in the womb, you were as if a single organism with your mother, so you were separate, but one. This is a connection many feel with their higher power. The concept of oneness expands upon that to include you being one with everything in the universe.

So that jerk down the street who shovels snow into your path, he is you. That woman who tirelessly serves humanity, she is you. Your sweet baby dog is you. The mountain you watch a sunset from is you. And the stars...especially the stars...they are you. The concept of oneness is about you being inextricably connected to all that is. You ARE all that is. There is nothing in this universe that is not in you. While you are "you", you are also, as when in the womb, part of a single organism that contains everything that is. It's a big concept to consider if you've never heard of it before.

The card suggests that you take some time in silence today and feel this connection. First, imagine yourself in the state you were in in the one with your mother. Then the next easiest thing to imagine would be God. Then your family...friends...strangers...pets...nature...universe. Feel the rhythm of all that is present within you. And bring that feeling and sense into your daily dealings, if you can. Even if it's just having one different interaction with that annoying co-worker because of it.

For me, my higher power, nature and the universe are really easy. I think I can say on a daily basis...or thereabouts...I feel a rhythmic, symbiotic, at-one connection to those things. People are harder for me. I've come to a place where, when I criticize or feel like criticizing other people, I at least eventually look to see where I am that person. And it's not just a self journey of understanding myself better, it's a spiritual journey and way of being on this earth that I, personally, feel is integral to our survival. Or will be. I sometimes think of myself as a cell in a much larger organism. One cell can become a cancer cell or a warrior for wellness, influencing all the other cells around them in an energetic dance. The entire organism is one. And I ask myself if I want to be a cancer cell or a warrior for wellness.

The concept of oneness goes even beyond what I've said here and I feel like I'm failing in describing it. Perhaps Sheila or someone else can come in and add to what I've said. But regardless, today's card is about bringing that concept into your awareness and trying for yourself to dissolve into that oneness and beginning to see life through different eyes if you are open to considering this concept.

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