Friday, January 28, 2011

1/28/11—Retooling Your Baggage

Today's Draw: Judgment from J Jordan Hoggard's Tarot in the Land of Mystereum. Are there unfortunate memories of things that have happened in the past that you carry around? Were you born to a circumstance you can't shake? Have you done something you can't forgive yourself for? What unnecessary baggage might you be carrying?
As part of what is called the "Major Arcana", the Judgment card is one of the major lessons in the tarot. In fact, it's the final lesson before the completion of life's journey where we get to embrace ourselves wholly and fully as we are. T...raditionally, it's a time of summing up and weighing our pros against our cons. It's about seeing oneself honestly. And it's also about resurrection and rebirth.

Jordan's spin on it, however, is that it's a time of putting down our baggage and retooling each memory within. Some dark and heavy ones might need to be taken from the bag and placed somewhere out of reach. Others may need to be lightened as you reconsider the positive gifts they gave you. His message is that you don't have to be at the mercy of your past. Memories are good things. Your history is your history. Your lessons are your lessons. But they don't 't have to dictate or limit your future if you'd rather have a different outcome than your past suggests.

We've all seen this, right? Someone grows up in a certain atmosphere, so they limit themselves thinking they don't deserve or aren't worthy of equal happiness in the present. Or someone makes a huge mistake in their early years and never quite forgives themselves, thereby limiting their future.

In fact, I may be your example of this...haha. Certainly I carry around ideas of myself that were formed in childhood and limit progress in adulthood. But this card is telling me that I can let go of that burden and allow new things to grow in the space the letting go creates. I mean, really....what good is another year or thinking about this crap going to do me? If I haven't resolved it all by now, I may never. Why carry it around? This is not to say to forget it ever happened, but rather to make peace with it and stop returning to it and poking at it so I can continue down my road with a lighter burden and more room for potential and opportunity.

What does this card say to you?

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