Monday, January 31, 2011

1/31/11—Staying Aware

Today's Draw: The Queen of Wands from the New Star Tarot. What has you "keeping watch" these days? Has something aroused your protective spirit? Or do things seem fine on the surface, but you have a vague sense of unrest about world events, our illusion of safety or other things right now? What is your intuition telling you about the world we live in?
This card shows an awake and aware Queen of Wands reclining on a tree branch with a sleeping leopard and snake. The leopard, in particular, is sleeping peacefully. But the leonine queen is awake and aware, holding her wand firmly, ready to ......attack if needed. The overall effect is that she's half coiled, ready to strike if needed, but the present moment seems without danger.

Although her cat seems blissfully unaware, there may be energies she's tapping into...a vague sense that something is up. This is the role of the nurturer, the protector. This is how we are with our loved ones. But it's also how we are in life.

I do have a quiet nagging beneath the surface that something's up. I don't know what it is, but I think to myself that things are too quiet on our homefront. I hear booms now and again and, living as close as I do to DC, my mind always goes "there" first. It's not like this weighs heavily on me, but it's there. I do have survival stuff in case something happens, but not nearly enough. So I occasionally acquire emergency items, but not in a rush. I'm half coiled like the Queen.

Can you identify with this? Is there something like that for you, either globally or in your personal life? And do you have a sense of what it could be?

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