Friday, February 4, 2011

2/4/11—Connecting to our Animal Nature

Today's Draw: Child of Music from the William Blake. What do you do that puts you in touch with your unique rhythm and voice? How do you connect with your primal voice? And, for fun, if you were an animal other than a human, what kind of animal do you think you'd be?
As mentioned earlier in this week, the suits in the William Blake don't correspond to traditional suits. And, speaking of suits, this card shows a boy wearing a wolf's head an pelt, blowing on a horn as he walks through a barren landscape. ...The poem on the card reads:

Piping down the valleys wild
Piping songs of pleasant glee

Within all of us is an of earth's critters...a wild being trying to survive. We forget that in our ego and our human superiority. But it's there. And with it comes something primal and more tightly connected to the all that is. Consider that...and consider the qualities of that. What and who are you because of that? And what kind of animal might you equate to. We are genetically related to apes, but who are you spiritually related to? A fun thing to do today might be to identify that animal, then google "spiritual meaning of ____" to see what that animal symbolizes and how that connects to you.

I closely identify with canines. Clearly. My howling thread yesterday illustrates how I connect to that primal voice. If you're one of my neighbors, you might be all too aware of how I tend to howl at the moon on select nights. :) But of the canines, I would probably one of the ones in the pack that is a watcher. I often hear people say to me "oh, you noticed that?" Yes, I did. :)

So I'd probably see myself as a wolf of some sort. They're beautiful in my eyes.

As for my unique voice, that's hard, isn't it? I tend to let my mind wander free. I eschew restrictions. Which helps in my career. I may seem unfocused at times, but I'm unfocused like a fox. ;) When I have to come up with a name for something, for example, one of my strengths is that I'm able to see the naming criteria from a million different angles. I'm good at abstract thought. So my unique voice lies in there, somewhere, with a touch of humor. Always a touch of humor. :)

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