Monday, January 3, 2011


Today's Draw: The Page of Swords from the Maroon. Does your mind tend to wander, taking your focus from the matter at hand? And does that keep you from focusing on where you're going? What more could you accomplish if you put your mind to your task and saved the daydreaming for later?
With the holidays ending and people going back to the grind, this is a fitting card. For me, however, holidays or not, it's always an issue. When I'm able to focus, nothing can distract me. But I'm not always able to focus, so distractions ...abound...daydreaming, Facebook, doggy snuggles, you name it. And it does affect my "moving forward" overall in my life. So it's an issue. My mind would generally like to be somewhere other than where it is.

On the downside, it can keep things from getting done. On the upside, the well attended imagination makes for a great idea person. So while I'm sometimes distracted at work, it is actually an essential part (for me) of what I get paid to do. Fortunately my clients don't care *how* I get from point A to point B, they just care that I do within a reasonable budget.

That, in a nutshell, is the Page of Swords. A daydreamer, yes. But one with a method to the madness. This is the person who, while cooking, is wondering how the stove works and how it can be improved. It doesn't mean that dinner gets burned. It just means that both dinner can be cooked and new ideas can flow at the same time. And if you forget to add salt, that can always be added at the end.

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