Thursday, January 6, 2011

1/6/11—Understanding Soul Mates

Today's Draw: Two of Cups from the Templar Tarot. How do you define "soul mate"? Do you have one (or more) in your life? What makes them different than other people in your life?

The Two of Cups from the Templar depicts two angels, sitting side-by-side. Each of them has one wing. So each needs the other to soar.

The phrase "soul mate" is charged with so much import. For some people, it's the one-and-only that you're... meant to be with for the rest of your life. But for me, it's anyone in your life that you feel a special connection with...someone you've traveled many lifetimes with. Therefore, it can be someone you don't even like very much. Or it can be someone that has left your life. Or someone in currently in it. Whoever they are, they are somehow intertwined with you in lessons that reach beyond just one lifetime. I have a brother I feel that way about. I think Katie is one. I've had other friends that are no longer my friends that have definitely been soul mates. And there are a couple of gentlemen that may be reading this that I feel a strong connection to...and they know who they are. :)

So many times I think we feel these connections and try to fit them into the molds of "this must be THE ONE". I try to keep an open mind where that is concerned. They may have been "the one" in another lifetime, but not in this one. And the reason I think of these people this way is because there's something "more" there. Something deep. One of my gentleman friends...we can't be in the same room together without "feeling each other", both physically and energetically. Other people see it, too. There is "something" going on between us. Yet our lifestyles are so vastly different that I think both of us know that we're not the right people in this lifetime. So we're friends and enjoy our special connection when we're in each other's presence. And we remain open to any lessons we might learn from each other. I think we must have been very dear to each other in another lifetime, perhaps a parent/child or sibling relationship, possibly even lovers.

Then there are those with whom we've been embroiled in what you might consider "negative" or "unfavorable" relationships...the arch enemy or thorn in your side. For me, everyone in your life is there for a reason. And possibly all have crossed your path in previous lifetimes. But in this one, certain ones stand out and have deeper meaning. In essence, there are certain people that you KNOW you were destined to meet and be with. People you are drawn to from the beginning like a magnet. Like I said, when it's the opposite sex, we try to force that into a mold of "lover". But that may be a mistake. Something to consider. So what's your experience with all of this?

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