Friday, January 7, 2011

1/7/11—Carrying On

Today's Draw: Five of Discs (Pentacles) from the Norse Tarot. Are you feeling a lull in your motivation? Do you feel like you have to struggle to move ahead? Or are you concerned with issues of social acceptance right now?
The Five of Pentacles is usually considered a card of personal loss. It generally depicts someone down and out, begging for money. But in the Norse Tarot, it shows a couple, braced against the driving snow, so focused on their plight that t...hey don't see the five gold coins before them.

So consider this...if you're unmotivated, look for reasons to carry on. If you're struggling, look for help. If you're feeling unaccepted, focus on the ones who care about you. Do what you need to do to resurrect your faith and motivation because this is merely the dark moment before a new dawn. The relief you need may be right in front of you and you may be missing it because you're so focused on your plight. Or, as in the next card in the tarot deck, someone may emerge to help you through.

I'm definitely having motivation issues in my life right now, which is probably why this card came today. And I suppose the things that used to motivate me don't anymore. So this card tells me I need to find new motivation. It also tells me that this is only a temporary state and a new solution will arrive soon. And that's what's really at the crux of those things that bring us down in life. They're just temporary states. There is always relief right around the corner. And knowing that takes a lot of pressure off the current moment.

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