Tuesday, February 15, 2011

2/15/11—Finding the Silver Lining

Today's Draw: The Four of Cups from Daughters of the Moon. Are you feeling glum about something? Are you focusing more on what you don't have than what you do? What's got you down?
The Four of Cups is a card of sorrow and loss. In some decks it also signifies boredom. Cups traditionally speak of love and with Valentine's Day being yesterday I can see how some people might be feeling down. Perhaps your partner didn't s...atisfy your expectations. Or maybe they did and you realize that, even though you have everything you asked for, you're still not happy. Or maybe you're single and hoping you had someone.

Whatever the situation may be—and maybe it doesn't have to do with love...maybe you missed out on an opportunity you'd been hoping for, for example—there's something you're not seeing. One of the keys to the four of cups is that the person is lamenting the loss or tipping over of three cups. All the emotion is gone from those cups. But what they don't see is the full cup sitting behind them. Or beside them. Because they're too busy feeling sorry for themselves. But that fourth cup remained full when all the others tipped over. It holds something you can build upon...something more enduring that what those other three cups held.

So what might this mean to you? I started today's reading thinking "this doesn't apply to me", but it does. I think it represents my mourning over all the things I've felt I've had to give up in my journey to physical well being. And the fourth cup that I'm not looking at is the habits I've already changed and new practices I've integrated into my life. In fact today I'm going for my "healing day", which is only about a year old or so...a monthly practice where I take the day off, get an energy healing, spend some time with a friend and take myself out to lunch.

Therefore I challenge you—especially those who think this card doesn't apply to them—what is the four of cups for you?

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