Friday, February 18, 2011

2/18/11—Leaving Things Behind

Today's Draw: Death from the Mystical Dreamer. Second time this week, folks. It's time to leave something behind. It could be a belief, ideal, baggage, a job, whatever. Change is knocking at your door!
I did a reading today because, hey…there are 78 cards in a deck. The odds of getting the same one twice in a week are low. Especially when I use a different deck of cards every day. So the ether has something it wants you to know. Death is ...a cycle that runs from release to resurrection. In order to move forward, you have to let go of something. This card has significance to me, so take a good look and see how it might have significance for you. The cards are emphatic about this. Death could change your life.

And just in case you didn't read the other day, Death is not meant to imply physical death. Like it's not telling you you're going to die. It's about change, leaving things behind and moving into a new place.

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