Wednesday, February 16, 2011

2/16/11—Acting Childish

Today's Draw: Dancer Princess from Tarot of the Sidhe. When was the last time you did something delightfully, deliciously childish? How long since you've created some kind of art, simply for the joy of the process, not caring if it was "good" by some standard of judgment? What can you do this week to revive the child inside?

The Dancer Princess embodies the spirit and imagination of a child. She dances for the joy of it, not to perfect a step. Her paintbrush has a power of its own, rather than being relegated to some predetermined image. And she remembers to se...e life through fresh eyes whenever she can. She is the embodiment of pure, spontaneous, innocent expression. And the sun shines on her wherever she goes.

To answer my own questions, I frequently act like a child, but don't recall the last time I achieved what this card is asking for. It's interesting because yesterday I did try to revive a spirit from younger adult days...when I was a bit less a creature of habit and comfort. I explored a new shopping center out in Maryland yesterday and just enjoyed shopping for surprises and exploring new turf. That's hardly anywhere near what this card embodies, but baby steps...haha. I feel like I've been locked inside seriousness for a long time. Well, seriousness for me. So I have to plan something for this weekend for a friend and will think on what I can do to make it a gigglefest.

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