Thursday, March 10, 2011

3/10/11—Looking Within for What is Real

Today's Draw: Birthday Edition. Beyond Illusion from the Osho Zen. Who are you really?
Today's card is a blessing for me, because the Beyond Illusion card asks us not to look outside of ourselves to see who we are, but to look within. This has special meaning to me today because I experienced a bit of heartbreak recently and ...felt bad about my role in all of that. But the person within knows where my intentions were, even if it didn't appear that way to them.

As the author's commentary states, "The card reminds us not to look outside for what is real, but to look within. When we focus on externals, we too often get caught up in judgments - this is good, this is bad, I want this, I don't want that. These judgments keep us trapped in our illusions, our sleepiness, our old habits and patterns."

This dovetails nicely with my beautiful Note from the Universe ( today...."Curiously, while you're discovering the God within you, Tierney, I'm discovering the Tierney Sadler within me." At the root of it, that's who we all are...part of the universe, part of God. Beautiful. Whole. And perfect just the way we are. SO what I needed to hear today.

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