Monday, March 14, 2011

3/14/11—Making Crafty Choices

Today's Draw: Seven of Swords from the Infinite Visions. Is there some sort of situation you're trying to weasel your way out of? Or one that calls for careful wording or tactics on your end? Or a situation you've got a "funny feeling" about?
The Seven of Swords is one of those cards that usually confuses me when it comes up because I have a hard time applying it to my life. The meaning of the card revolves around some situation you need tact and careful timing to address. It ca...n also mean sneaking away from a situation. It almost always makes me think that the person who got the card created the issue or stepped into something they weren't ready for and now is looking for a way to navigate some very dangerous waters. The advice is usually to be careful and that now may not be the time to make a decision.

It's interesting because today my note from the universe read:
First, choose from the options that thrill you.
Then, choose the ones that also teach you.
And from these, Tierney, choose the scariest.
Butterflies in your tummy are good.

While not a full-on 7 Swords situation, it dances around it. There may be a choice or decision that needs to be made...some situation that is tenuous...and the universe actually seems to be recommending you go for the Seven of Swords choice...the one you have to be careful and crafty about.

Anyway, while I don't usually see how this card applies, I do today. I have a friend who seems to be going through something very scary. And he keeps pushing me away when I reach out to help. But I am worried and not giving up so easily. Thus the careful balance of the Seven of Swords.

It's also important to note that sometimes the Seven of Swords indicates deceit or trickery. So on a Seven of Swords day you should also look out for who might be trying to deceive you. What's your Seven of Swords story for today? And to readers, how do you see this card when it comes up in a reading?

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