Monday, March 21, 2011

3/21/11—Bringing Beauty to the World

Today's Draw: Man of Music from the William Blake. How do you bring beauty into this world? How do you inspire others? What do you create that is eternal?
The William Blake is a non-traditional deck whose suits don't really correspond with traditional tarot suits. The suit of Music is the celebration of life source. The path of beauty and love. You can think of it as cups, but it goes beyond ...that. And trying to fit the Man of Music into the King of Cups mold doesn't quite work.

The poem that comes with this card is:
Music, as it exists in old tunes or melodies
Is inspiration
And cannot be surpassed
It is perfect and eternal

The ways in which we bring beauty in this world…the ways in which we inspire others…are eternal. If we lift another up just slightly, each successive generation will be the beneficiary of that.

There are a number of little ways in which I think I lift others up, especially among my real life friends. But this is actually a good place to talk about these threads. I do these threads so people can look within themselves and question themselves deeper. I often reveal things about myself that make me a little uncomfortable. I do it so others can see they're not alone…or to encourage people to share. Through various means, I'm aware the readership of these threads is higher than the comments reveal. I don't expect people to respond if they don't want to, but am grateful to have the company. Those who frequently respond here help a lot of people with their honesty. And, of course, we also help ourselves. Knowing you are reading this is a gift, as well.

We can sometimes trivialize our contributions to the world, but like the beating of a butterfly's wings, even little gestures can have enormous impact down the line. So what is your song to the world? How do you create inspiration?

If you feel uncomfortable singing your praises, don't. Part of the path of personal growth is knowing who you are, good and bad. We so often focus on the bad. And today's card is asking us to look within and see where we shine.

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