Wednesday, March 23, 2011

3/23/11—Following Your Truth

Today's Draw: Energy from William Blake. Are you honoring your instincts? Do you have the courage of your convictions? Are you in touch with the animal inside you? Are you honoring your truth?
The Energy card is Major Arcana XI, but it's more like Strength than Justice, though it really is neither. A naked man sits under a tree surrounded by all sorts of animals. He is just another of those animals.

What animals do is true. They d...on't have ulterior motives. They don't worry about hurting someone's feelings. They just follow their truth.

This card comes to me at an interesting time because I'm thinking of ending a professional relationship that is costing me a lot of money and not producing proportional results. I started it when I was earning more and now it's becoming a source of stress. My neurotic human doesn't want to end it because I want peace and I know the other party feels I need to continue. But my instinctual animal tells me it's time to move on.

Is there a debate stirring within you between the anxiety-filled human and the instinctual animal? How else may this apply to you?

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