Thursday, March 24, 2011

3/24/11—Holding the Vision

Today's Draw: Five of Swords from the Tarot of Transformation—Holding The Vision. At your core, do you believe you are a brilliant, blessed child of God? Do you believe you're just as worthy as the next guy? And do you feel that way TODAY?
The Tarot of Transformation has a different take on the Five of Swords. Traditionally a card of defeat, the ToT's version is, instead labeled "Holding the Vision". It speaks of the dragons of negativity, doubt and defeat that can hold us p...risoner and make us forget who we are at our core—blessed beings of light and love.

In essence, the Five speaks to the mind defeating the spirit or soul. We all do it. Some of us get over it by refocusing again on the truth of the beauty and grace that is our birthright. And some of us get cornered by the dragons for a long time. "Holding the Vision" reminds us to focus on our light and use that to dispel the darkness within.

For the past few days I've been feeling kind of depressed. Now and again menopause really kicks my ass and no changes in diet and no pills can hold the crazies at bay. Pardon me, gentlemen, but ladies…this month is one of those months I missed my period and those months really do a number on me. It's like all the hormones that are supposed to be released instead get doubled up inside me and make me paranoid, sad, anxious, angry….you name it.

Anywho, I have a yoga class every Wednesday. And a couple of weeks ago I skipped it because sometimes yoga makes me angrier…haha. Some of you may have discussed this with me on another thread so I know I'm not alone. But another thing yoga does is blow out blockages of energy. So last night I forced myself to go, even though I was depressed. And I feel SO much better today. I feel more able to see that blessed child of the universe within in. And instead of feeling like the world is against me, I feel like part of the universe again.

In my way, forcing myself to do that class was part of holding the vision. Just as taking long walks is. And meditation. And chanting affirmations. And holding my doggies. Sometimes when the dragon has us by the tail, it's hard to remember what brings us back to center. So it helps to make a list and force ourselves to do stuff on it. What is on your list?

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