Thursday, June 23, 2011

6/24/11—Leaving Room for Miracles

Today's Draw: Six of Swords from the Rohrig Tarot. What are you trying to create in your life right now? Do you have it all plotted out to the very last detail? Or are you leaving room for miracles?

Today's card is about using analytical thinking and strategy to bring yourself to into a new way of being. Traditionally this card card talks about passage or smooth sailing after difficulty. But with the word "Science" Rohrig clearly had something different in mind.

These two strands of potential emanate from different places, taking different paths, and end up in the same place, creating something beautiful. It didn't just happen by chance. Some sort of intelligence or thinking was required for each strand to work through the maze. And there's a reaction between these two things, each made more beautiful for having come together. It's like love. Or a work partnership. Or a friendship...this third thing that is made from the independent two. 

But this card is about science. And analytical thinking. And what I guess Rohrig is trying to say to us is that things don't happen in a vacuum. Things don't just magically appear for us. We have to make things happen, make them work. But at the same time, we can't just plow our way through willy nilly, there's a path to follow. Actually more than one path we can follow.

We hear a lot about just lifting something up to God or the universe and having our prayers answered or intentions fulfilled. And that does happen, but we also have to put forth effort. And go where guided. Knowing where we're being guided is sometimes difficult. We might hit a dead end, but if we keep trying, we'll see our way through. And something cooler than we may have imagined might be waiting there for us when we get there. It doesn't seem as the yellow strand knew the red strand had the same end point and visa versa. Neither knew they'd be in partnership in the end. So for all the analysis and thinking, there was something that threw them for a loop in the end. 

We can't always know where life is leading us. We can set an intention and weave our way toward fulfilling it, but, in my experience, the universe always has a better dream for us than we could have dreamed for ourselves. So I always leave room for miracles in any wish or intention I set. 

I usually ask for a feeling, instead of a thing or event. Because, really, we just want to feel happy in the end. Or fulfilled. It's not the thing we want, it's the feeling the thing gives us. And because I hope for a feeling, I leave the door for all sorts of things to enter. And when I feel I'm being guided, I move in that direction, even if it's not something I know I want. As I've said before, I feel that way now. Guided. Toward something I don't know I want. But nothing feels wrong about it. So I continue to move through the maze to the endpoint, making conscious, strategic moves along the way.

So what about you? What do you see in this card? Because I was having a hard time with this, primarily because I do prefer to feel or intuit my towards goals. I do go where guided. And I do put strategy in. But I'm not a proponent of analyzing or commanding my way towards stuff. And that's what I'm getting out of this card and the words like cognition, do, differentiation, science and analytical thinking that appear on the card and in the lwb.


  1. I read an article in the New Yorker about how the scientific method isn't all it's cracked up to be. One of the hallmarks of the sci. meth. is replicability -- that scientists anywhere in the world can repeat an experiment and get the same results. But scientists have a dirty little secret -- over time replicability breaks down. So a scientist doing the same experiment five or ten years later will get vastly different results. The article listed various reasons for why this was so, but said there aren't concrete reasons for every instance when this happens. My theory is that the Universe likes to assert herself and show us who's boss.

  2. Interesting. I think the reason I had trouble with this card is because I prefer to keep plans loose and not so analytical. I wish someone had written a book for the Rohrig. There is one, but it only has the majors. It's such a deep deck and I'd love to see how it's interpreted. And no, I'm not the person to write it...haha. I want to see others' ideas.