Saturday, June 25, 2011

6/25/11-6/26/11—Taking the High Road

Weekend Reading: Angel of Music from the William Blake Tarot. Choose to take the higher ground this weekend. And by that, I mean see how high you can raise the vibration of your emotions. Raise love to passion. Drudgery to service. Boredom to curiosity. Disappointment to gratitude. Judgment to compassion. So much of what we feel and think is subject to choice. You can choose to see the negative side of something or you can look harder and uncover its gift. It's just a matter of changing your habits and retraining your reflex reactions. So for the next couple of days, if you're on the low end of the spectrum—feeling angry, short changed or looking at others critically—find another, more gracious way of seeing things. If you're on the high end, see how much higher you can raise your attitude. Guaranteed, you'll have a better weekend if you do.

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