Monday, July 18, 2011

7/18/11—Feeling Nostalgic

Today's Draw:  The Six of Cups from the Anna K Tarot. Has something pushed your nostalgia button? Are you wistfully thinking of a happier time? Or has someone from your past returned to your life?

The Six of Cups has a number of meanings, depending on the context of the reading. It could signify puppy love. Or a lover or friend returning from the past. It could signal a time of nostalgia. Getting lost in memories of the past. Or even fooling yourself that everything is fine when it's not. 

Facebook often brings me back to my 6th, 7th and 8th grade years. That's because I have a good 40 or so friends there from that time of my life. Most of them I only got to know on Facebook, but we share memories of the same places and times of our lives. In a couple of weeks we'll all be getting together for our high school's 30th reunion. 

There are a lot of gifts that come from this group of people. To begin with, we all have similar backgrounds. Many of us are from military or government families. So there's a common bond in our upbringing. Without exception, these are very smart, funny people. So there are lots of laughs. And I've grown to have a good deal of affection for many of them. And I'm pretty sure at least a couple of them think I'm pretty neat, too. 

It's also interesting because different people hung in different cliques in Jr. High and High School. But all of those bounds have dissolved with maturity. I had to move early on in High School, but even if I had stayed, some of them are people I never would have known back then. Some are people I would have known of, but with whom I wouldn't have shared anything more than a few classes. And one of them was my best friend...a woman I hadn't spoken with in 30-some years before re-connecting on Facebook, but we were able to pick back up right where we left off. We meet for lunch monthly.

But it's more than just rediscovering friends from the past. Back when we were kids, life was so easy. Of course there were all manner of dramas and heartaches, as is typical with teenagers. But there were no bills to pay. Careers to build. Children to feed. Spouses to navigate. Lives to manage. It brings us back to a time when all we had to be was kids. And that's what the Six of Cups is all about. 

Let's face it, being a grown-up is hard. And having the opportunity to go back and remember a time that felt safe, carefree and limitless feels good. Going to that place even changes brain chemistry while there, refreshing us to our manage some of the less than stellar parts of our real lives. Assuming we don't get lost in it, it's a very good thing.

So what can you recall today that brings you back? The other day someone posted a picture of our community swimming pool and, for a moment in my mind, I was there swimming laps at swim team practice, sucking on a watermelon Jolly Rancher. What takes you there? It can be as subtle as a certain breeze or a faint scent on the wind. Who can you reach out to to share it with?

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